Foods That Cause Headache

Foods That Cause Headache

Since we live very busy and complicated lives it is often that we get migraines. They could be cause by quite so many things. Too much work and too little sleep really does affect our minds and health. Also smoking and too much noise and not working out. And yes, the reasons are endless.It turns out though that some foods and drinks that we consume daily actually do cause headache. And no matter what all the other components of our life they could cause us pain that we don’t really want.So avoiding food and drinks that make us wonder ‘Why the hell does my head feel like that?’ might do us justice. Of course that doesn’t mean to totally cut them from your diet, but just the reconsider the quantity that you eat/drink.

  • Chocolate

      Unfortunately something that is a big favorite for all of us out there, especially women, not only has effect on out weight, but also it has fault for our headaches. If you eat chocolate daily and especially a lot of it – bad news for you. You should most definitely reconsider how much you love it.
    It is a tough battle between not wanting headaches, but loving chocolate. But you could just set a daily limit. For example only a bar of chocolate or only two chocolates a day. That will do the trick without you craving chocolate the whole time.

  • Caffeine
    Probably this is more bad news. But you knew from the start that too much coffee is bad for you. Some people really can’t function and go through the day without their coffee – or five of them. Think about that. And actually when a lot of the people get an awful migraine they drink coffee to heal it – a mistake!

    So in order not to stress your body by totally cutting the caffeine off from your day, just do it gradually. You can minimize your daily dose to one coffee in the morning.

  • Cheese
    Are you a cheese person? You either love it or hate it. So if you are that loves it, surprise – it is also a reason for headaches. Unfortunately no matter of the kind of the cheese it is bad for you. Not only that it bloats you. It makes you head bloat too.

    The actual reason for cheese causing headaches is the tyramine. And as older the cheese gets, the more it will affect you.

  • Alcohol
    You expected this one, didn’t you? It is kind of natural to think that alcohol is bad for you in more many ways than the fact that it causes migraine.
    So what is the deal – when you drink alcohol, your blood increases its flow into your brain. No matter how much you love your drinks every night – avoid them!

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