Family Fun For The Christmas Vacation

Family Fun For The Christmas Vacation

The off school and off work time is almost here and you have to prepare with ideas for fulfilling your free time with great relaxing activities, which will make you forget for just a little bit about work problems, nasty teachers and all kinds of daily stress. I suggest you these relaxing activities to be shared with your family, because the Christmas holidays are exactly the time to be with your closest people. And when I say family, I mean friends too, because for me, my friends are my family too.

Let’s divide those activities in two categories – for cold weather and for hot weather. There are a lot of people who can’t enjoy the snow on Christmas Eve, but they surely can enjoy the sunny view of the ocean. Let’s take a look:

Hot Christmas Activities

The weather doesn’t matter a thing when the whole family gathers for the holidays. Suggest to all your folks to make a handmade addition to the gifts this year, no matter if these crafts are just a Christmas card, jar full of candies or self decorated candle – just keep them busy. You will notice that everyone will hide somewhere and try to keep the surprise a secret. And when the present opening time comes you all will be enjoying the other’s masterpiece. I’m sure that you will enjoy this as much as the real gift opening.

Wait for all of the family members to gather and decorate the whole house all together. Organize teams, for instance, team Tree, team Lights, team Living room, team Kitchen, team Stairs, team Front porch & Garden. Make a game: let the teams compete each other and after the decorating of the house is done, you can make a contest with judges (grandma and grandpa) who will decide which is the most beautiful and creative Christmas decoration. The winner will have the chance to put the Christmas star on the top of the tree and the rest teams will receive consolation prize – Christmas cookies and milk as a brunch after the hard work. Make them compete and you will see how awesome results you will get with the decoration and how many laughs and screams you will hear all day long. Let the show begin!

If you are living close to the ocean and have a beautiful beach place nearby, you can gather the whole family in a Christmas picnic down at the beach and make an Olaf from sand. The basic rule is to have fun and despite the weather, I’m sure that the Christmas mood will come when the whole family is gathered and enjoying the time.

Snowy Christmas Activities

The things that you can do in the hot weather, you can do also in the cold too. But the greatest benefit of the Snowy Christmas in my opinion is the ice skating. Go to a frozen lake (but be really careful) or to a faux skating surface, but a small one, non familiar and gather all your family and friends. The fun of the skating will be unforgetable and the hot cocoa afterwards in the cozy, warm house will melt your hearts while you tell stories of embarrassing moments of your cousins and friends.

I can’t wait to come the moment of the Christmas holidays so I’ll be able to catch up with the news around my family and long distance relatives. I can’t wait to be able of experiencing all these great Christmas activities with my friends and family. Have fun, guys & I’ll see you soon!


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