Emergency Nail Polish Removers 

Emergency Nail Polish Removers 

I know that you love to have dark colored nail polishes on your nails. But it is really annoying to remove that dark nail polish. And that’s the true reason for getting lazy about the removing when the nail polish is cracked and removed partly, that’s the time when your nails look extremely unmaintained and ugly.

I’ll tell you a story that happened to me recently. I was waiting a friend of mine to arrive for our movie appointment. I decided to buy the tickets while I wait for her. A man next to me asked if he can tell me something. I agreed and he said that I am a beautiful girl, but my nails are ugly because of the chapped red nail polish. He also said that we, women, think that men don’t notice details, but we are wrong about that. I said that it’s O.K. to hear that, but in fact it wasn’t alright at all. I felt really embarrassed. Since then, I always take good care of my nail art.

So, you can see why I decided to show you some methods for removing nail polish without a nail polish remover. Sometimes you won’t have nail polish remover somewhere around you, but your nails will wait to be cleaned, so, take a look at the methods:

Use spray deodorant. Read the ingredients that are contained in your spray anti-sweat deodorant. Many of them have solvents, which have the abilities of removing hard-to-remove stains, such as nail polish and markers. Spray the nails from a close distance and rub with a cotton ball or napkin until the nail polish is gone. But keep in mind that some deodorants have a quick evaporating propellant that will cause freeze burns. So, read the label really carefully in order not to damage your skin.

Remove your nail polish with another nail polish. Or just use a top coat. That’s an easy one. Apply thin layer of a top coat on the painted nails, wait a few seconds while the top coat “melts” the old nail polish and wipe off with a napkin.

Replacements of the deodorant are the body spray and the perfume. These products have similar ingredients and they work in a similar way when it comes to alternative nail polish removers. With these products you will have to rub a lot and sometimes, several times, until the nail polish is all gone. It’s best to use a cotton ball for the rubbing.

All done. I hope that some of these methods will work for in hard times and I hope you will never experience my situation with that man, who noticed my ugly nails. So far, the best method for me is the one with the top coat application. Have fun!

Image : GVictoria- Fotolia

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