Easy and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Makeup for Spring

Easy and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Makeup for Spring

The way we upgrade our wardrobe when spring comes, we put all the wooly sweaters and thick clothes somewhere they won’t get in our way and we go to a shopping spree for new spring clothes, we also want to upgrade our makeup collection. However, you want so much new things to buy like clothes and shoes, that there are hardly enough money for upgrading makeup collections as well. So, if you want to be trendy using fresh makeup collections for spring but still to have enough money for other necessary or unnecessary things, here are our top solutions that will help you.

1. Swap some makeup with a friend

All of us have both some kind of makeup they later realize they do not need it or you do not like it. So instead of keeping them somewhere over your toilet table on inside your makeup box where it will just take some place, you can give it to a friend who likes it. And she can also do the same thing for you. You will have a new set of makeup without spending any money on it and also you will get rid of some makeup products you do not use. It is definitely better than throwing them away. There is one thing you should remember, however. If your friend has used the makeup product she is going to give you, always sanitize it before applying it on your face. One way you can do this is by rubbing some alcohol in them. With lip glosses and mascaras is a little bit difficult to sanitize them, so you better not take such ones from a friend even if it is a close one.

2. Rotate your products

You for sure have some products that you do not use because you probably did not like the way they looked on your face or because you were not too adventurous to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Starting to use those products that you keep avoiding or saving for more special occasions is another way to upgrade your makeup collection. The easiest way to do it is by swapping the places of the makeup products you use with the products you do not use. You will be surprised how much magic could do some laziness in the morning. For example, if you usually apple your makeup in the bathroom, you probably keep the basics there. Change their places with the products you do not use and you will easily reconcile with them. If your red lipstick is within your reach why bother to search for your nude lip balms at all?

3. Thinking outside the box, or outside the tube

When you think outside the box you try some things that you would not normally do. You have probably heard of or even tried using lipstick as blush but have you heard of blush as lipstick? Here is what you can do to try this fresher makeup. After you have applied a nude color lip balm, pat your lips with some nude powder blush using a clean brush. This is a very easy and fast way to create a brownish matte look that will be huge in the spring season. This way you will not only try something new that will help you get out of your comfort zone but you will also appear quite trendy. If you like this idea, you will probably also like applying bronzer as an eyeshadow, mascara as an eyeliner and even shimmering eyeshadows as highlight. After all the spring is the best season to experiment with your look and makeup.

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