Disappointing Movies of 2014

Disappointing Movies of 2014

We all watch movies. Some of us for a hobby, and others do it as their job. But all of us have favorite actors, directors, movie genres, scriptwriters and even producers. These favorite people makes you keep up with the movies they make and you watch them with a great desire and impatience. But have you ever happened to be extremely disappointed with the movie, the play of your favorite actor or the effects, which were amazing on the trailer, but in the movie they are nothing more than some cheap animations. I want to show you some of the most disappointing movies of 2014 with a hope that 2015 will bring us only masterpieces. Take a look:

Let’s start with Transcendence. The director of the movie is Wally Pfister, the writer is Jack Paglen and Johny Depp is staring, alongside with Morgan Freeman and Rebecca Hall. The trailer gathers the most interesting parts of the movie and reveals almost everything and the trailer is about 2 minutes, the rest hour and a half is not so great as we expected. The idea of the movie is amazing, but the realization is a disaster.

Exodus: Gods and Kings. A recreation of the Moses story from the Bible, flattered by Christian Bale and Ben Kingsley, directed by Ridly Scott. This is movie is dedicated to the bigger brother of Ridly Scott – Tony. It’s the first movie that Radly decides to work on after his brother passed away in 2012. And maybe that’s the most logical explanation of the results when you watch the movie Exodus: Gods and kings. It’s soulless, tasteless and the 3D effects are slightly annoying. Maybe the only one who gives its heart and soul into the movie is Christian Bale, but a single actor can’t make the whole movie work flawlessly.

Jack Ryan. The director of the movie is Kenneth Branagh, which is also an actor, he plays a huge role in the movie – a Russian boss. Even though the movie is full of great actors like Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley, that doesn’t mean that the movie couldn’t become a shame for its creators. Sometimes it just doesn’t work the right way.

The Expendables 3. It’s a little sad to watch great actors and men to struggle this way. The whole gang is gathered here: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. The Expendables 3 is just a desperate action movie, full of old men with great history.

The Legend of Hercules. In my opinion, this is the Number 1 in my list – The Worst 2014 movies. I really like Greek mythology, but the re-creation of the Hercules story was absolutely disappointing. The effects were annoying with the high level of low-quality animations and the actors’ play was too poor to watch. I must admit it, I fell asleep in the cinema, it was that boring.

I really hope that the expected movies will surprise us more pleasantly in 2015. We will discuss that in the next year. Have fun!

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