Cruises that Everyone Would Like

Cruises that Everyone Would Like

Have you ever watched a movie which is set on a cruise and just admire the great experiences that one could encounter? Cruises can be such a great option for a vacation because they stop at different, interesting destination and you have the opportunity to go shopping or sightseeing at so many different places! Besides, you can sunbathe and meet new people all day long. Yes, they are usually pricey and can take up a lot of time, but we believe they are worth it.

However, there are lots of people who are not fans of boats and might get seasick. The idea to be deep in the sea can be frightening for many people, but do not worry; there are options for you too!  We have a list of cruises especially for people who are not fully sold out on the cruise vacations. Yes, they are not cheap, but can be a very relaxing experience. Besides, it is cool to experiment and try something new in the New Year!

The first one is the Aqua Expeditions cruise on the Amazon River in Peru.  It is a small ship that travels along Peru’s Amazon river with only twenty-four passengers allowed aboard. The crew is composed of twenty-one people, so the crew ratio can make you feel comfortable and safe. Dinners are great and consist of local cuisine. There are some optional excursions that are included in the price, so it is best to take advantage of them!

The next one we want to present to you is The American Queen on the Mississippi river. Not only is the connection to Mark Twain very special and interesting, but also Victorian steamboats are a symbol of a bygone era. The American Queen is the largest steamboat ever built, sounds cool, right? The cruise includes a great cabaret show, cool antebellum-inspired lounges and cute porch swings on the deck. The atmosphere is indeed very old-school and charming, so if you are somewhere near, give it a go.

Another option is a European one and it is the Vulkana Spa Boat in Norway. A floating spa is something that most people will actually agree on being relaxing and enjoyable. It has only three cabins with double beds and one cabin with four beds. It includes a Hamam, a clothing-optional wood-fired sauna and a Japanese Zen lounge. Also, there is a hot tub with a view towards the Northern lights!  The traditional Norwegian food is the last bit of heaven on this cruise.

The last idea we can offer you is in France and it is the French Country Waterways. The luxurious cruise stops at actual people’s homes and vineyards where the guests can enjoy fantastic meals, great wine, etc. The routes go through the Upper Loire Valley, Burgundy, Alsace-Lorraine and Champagne regions of France and work from April to October every year. The wine tastings are just one of the reasons to consider this trip!


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