Choose The Underwear According To Your Body Type

Choose The Underwear According To Your Body Type

Often, when I admire the Victoria’s Secret items I dream to have a body like Adriana or Candice. But I’m not tall and perfectly fit. That’s why I should be careful when I am about to show my naked body in front of my lover. There are certain tricks and recommendations about the specific models of underwear that I am allowed to wear according to my body type with all its flaws and imperfections. Take a look at the following tips and I’m sure that you will find the perfect underwear for your body when the night is hot and the mood is sassy.

The first and basic rule is to show the part you are proud with and to hide the flaws you are ashamed of. So, if your bum is perfectly curved and fit, combined with long, smooth legs, well, that’s a combination to kill for, you should choose cut bikini. Match them with a corset and stockings, stay-up ones are recommended.

A big breasts owner should use that as a joker. Opt for balconette bra or corset if you have thin waist. It’s a Must-Do to use you plum, juicy breasts as a weapon. You can also run a big fluffy brush, dipped in pearl powder, through the top of the breasts in order to make them even more desirable.

If you have a belly fat you can easily hide it with a sexy corset, which also will make your waist look tight and thin.

If the love handles are your flaw, pick up thongs that are high-waist model, or one with three or more thick straps, in order to adjust them according to your body. After all, you don’t want to look like wrapped sausage.

And when the cellulite is ruining the whole gorgeous look, you can apply baby oil or oily body lotion to make the skin look smooth and even.

Use lace in order to hide cellulite on the buttocks too.

Chiffon is another recommended fabric when the cellulite is on the way. But never put on a satin lingerie when you have orange skin. It will only make it more visible.

After all, being sexy is a state of mind. If you don’t feel sexy, than your lover won’t see you that way too. Try to find the balance and to like yourself and your behavior will be different. Remember, men like confident women. So be one!

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