Children’s Movies which Adults Also Enjoy
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Children’s Movies which Adults Also Enjoy

If you are a serious adult who does not allow themselves to have fun, laugh and enjoy something silly, well, you are probably living a slightly boring, gray life. You do not need to become a grumpy person when you get older: you can still enjoy bright colors and kids’ things even when you have started working, for instance! Do not forget about pink or yellow clothes: remember how much you loved these hues when you were little and how much you hated black or gray? Also, dance around in your pajamas and just release the positive energy within you! You can also go out and play badminton or lie in the grass like the good old days. As a whole, our point is that you want to make the most of your time and to understand that even though you have grown up, you can still be playful, cheerful and silly.

One of the things that lots of people do not let go of from their childhood are indeed cartoons and kids movies. Especially nowadays, Hollywood is doing its best to be innovative and capture the attention of both audiences because they realize that when the movie is attractive to adults as well, that would increase profits. We are offering you a list of cool children’s movies that you might actually enjoy a lot while having fun with your little brother or sister, nephew or niece, or daughter or son!

Inside Out

This 2015 release with a 8.7/10 rating on IMDB look quite promising! The story is a great interpretation of how the human mind works, but illustrates it through a fun and creative way. It shows how in everyone’s head there are a few little…well, creatures who represent each person’s emotions. When a little girl has to move to the big city and face lots of changes, her emotions struggle to agree on the best possible way to act.  It is a modern 3D comedy drama produced by Pixar and released by Disney: the two giants in the children’s movie industry! The film would be fascinating for grownups as well because of its psychological implications and witty jokes.

Beauty and the Beast

One of the biggest classics in the fairy-tale department, this Disney film has always been in everyone’s favorites list. Hardly anyone has missed one of the greatest love stories in the cartoon world. The movie is special for three reasons. First of all, the female character is a brave, non-superficial girl who loves reading books. Second of all, it teaches young children that people should not judge a book by its cover. Last but not least, it has great songs! We recommend this if you are in the mood for a nice romantic story.


Mulan is extremely funny, even for adults! Another thing that is quite fascinating about this film is that it is concerned with equality between sexes, emancipation and female  empowerment. Mulan is a strong, brave young woman who supposedly disgraces her family, but in the end, her heroism is acknowledged as she saves China! Cool, right?

The Incredibles

Pixar definitely hit the jackpot with this one! Adults usually enjoy movies that work as parodies and target a certain genre, in this case, the superhero one. It is a great choice for the whole family to enjoy together!


If, by any chance, you have skipped watching Shrek, you should definitely correct that mistake as soon as possible. There are three parts, so you can do a whole themed marathon out of it. Its most special feature is not that it has anti-Disney animated features, as many other films followed its example, but that it was probably the first one. The humor is absolutely adult-appropriate!


Again, we can give you three reasons to watch it. Number one: Flynn Rider is a very hot, animated character. Number two: it has awesome music. Number three: the love story is funny and not as clichéd as a fairy-tale one!


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