Chic And Noticeable at The Office

Chic And Noticeable at The Office

When you are new fish in the sea, you have to put the best outfit if you want to be noticed by the other fishes. But make sure that your clothes are at the same level of the bigger fishes clothes, otherwise they will eat you up with your little, non-noticeable clothes. Here are some great tips and tricks for a stunning office outfit, even if there is a strict dress code policy. Take a look:

Let’s start with tips for girls who work in offices that require a really strict dress code – black and white, suit up! You can add your personal touch to that strict rule with asymmetrical style of the suit. For instance, one out-of-the-box blazer will be a sight worth to turn around and check again. It is stylish, free and definitely not often seen. Right after you take your paycheck, go to the store and buy one cape blazer for the next business meeting. I’m sure that you will amaze everyone with your perfect sense of elegance.

Well, ladies, if you have problems finding one of those blazers, you can always rely on the accessories when it comes to dull office fashion style. A pair of bright earring will draw attention to you. But try not to cover yourself with the colors of the rainbow. Keep it stylish, again! If you are all black and white, put small, turquoise finger nail size earrings, match them with a thin colored in the same turquoise color eyeliner and the style will be your BFF for the day.

Another trick for looking incredibly stylish is to choose fitting clothes. No matter how expensive or gorgeous one dress is, if it’s not the right size for your body, you will look cheap. I hope you know that, otherwise, your River Island will look like you bought it from Walmart. If you can’t spend too much money on a perfectly fitting dress right now, you can always buy something cheap and get it tailored in order to look like this dress is designed just for you. The same rule applies to every other piece of clothing – the blazer, the pants, even the shirt. Know your body well and flatter it with the clothes.

Here is one item that will make you look like the Queen of the Office – wide-leg trousers. Just browse some paparazzi photos of Victoria Beckham and you will be convinced about the incredible style of the wide-led pants. Match them with gorgeous stiletto high-heels and enjoy the envy gazes of your co-workers.

Pop out shoes. When the suit must be simple and neutral, try to pop out with extraordinary shoes. It’s all about the matching. If you have personal style it will be noticeable right away. Your outfit will look both touched with personal opinion and still obeyed to the fashion trends. It’s all about the balance. Try to find it and keep it with all your sources!

The bag. A bag that looks more expensive than it is will create a common opinion of great style when someone mentions your name. Browse some of the Chanel bags and analyze the sizes, the colors and the material of a certain bag you liked. Then search for similar bag, but in cheaper stores. I’m sure that you will be able to find something nice and good looking even in Forever 21 store. Be curious and you will find what you need!


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