Styling Problems for Girls with Small Bottoms

We live in a time when beauty standards are constantly changing: one day extremely skinny, unhealthy looking anorexic chicks are hot, the next it is far better to be curvy and have a little more “booty”. It is so difficult to keep up with body image trends! However, the truth is you do not have to: after all, there is ... Read More »

Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping: Which One Should I Choose?

Shopping is most people’s little sin: no matter if you like clothes, shoes, jewelry, technology, etc. There are different types of shoppers out there. First, there are the consistent shoppers, who like to change their closet each season and stock up on the newest, trendiest pieces. Also, you may be an absolute addict and shop every week, and most of ... Read More »

5 Low-Cost Ways to Renew Your Spring Closet

You know that no matter how big your closet is it is always too small for your clothes. Other people just do not understand how difficult it is to keep all of your clothes and still be fashionable every season. You have to buy so many other new ones and still look fashionable every season. This definitely is not an ... Read More »

Clever Clothing Items You Must Have

Clothes are our helpers when you want to look amazing. It is important to have beautiful clothes, which flatters your body and express your personal style. But there is something more, some clothing items have deep and important meaning – they are practical and comfortable. Without those clothes we will find it much more difficult to deal with the daily ... Read More »

Turn Your House Into a Home

Recently, a friend of mine bought a new flat. He is very close to me, so I went through the whole procedure by his side. I thought that the actual deal is the worst part, but the hardest decisions come when the flat is ready to be furnished and designed. I decided to make a list what he will need ... Read More »

How to Look like a Stylish French Girl

French girls are famous for their effortless style and elegance. They can pull off simple looks like no one else. It is no coincidence that the French manicure is so popular, for instance: it looks so sophisticated, but when you think about it, it is nothing too special. That is their main secret: the key is in casualness and simplicity! ... Read More »

2015 in Marsala

Every new year, there are new trends and a new ‘it’ color. With the recently arrived year it is time to talk about the new trend that will be all around us and how to incorporate it in our lives. The 2015 color is Marsala. This is the color of the wine. Also kind of the color of love for ... Read More »

Key Footwear Trends for Spring 2015

Have you heard that famous saying: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”? We believe that it is actually true! Lots of women have a natural affinity towards shoes and to be honest, we are not sure when and how it originated, but it is fact: shoes can be a girl’s best friend, ... Read More »

How to Care For Your Boots in Snowy Days

All the people who love boots cannot wait for winter to come so they can put them on. However, when snow falls down our boots may suffer some damages. So, if you want them to be as good as new even in snowy weather, here are some daily rules you should observe. 1. Clean your boots every night One of ... Read More »

7 Secrets That Every Fashionista Should Know

Having a sense of style is something many women are born with. Once you have that style, no matter of your budget, you just could make things work. Other women, though, have to learn and they do learn and still look amazing. Then there are some of us that just are not stylish, at least not in the typical common ... Read More »

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