The Key Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

A fresh start for your wardrobe can boost your mood a lot more than you think. As there is more sun and temperatures have risen, you have the opportunity to show some more skin or explore the depths of the new fashion trends without being afraid. An especially great stage for your style adventures would be your vacation destination. Far ... Read More »

What To Wear To A Cocktail Party

Cocktails are those events you have to pamper up to go to. They are like art for the fashion shows. There are different types of cocktails. Some opt for more casual clothing. And others need more elegant and almost black tie attire. There is one thing that could always work for a cocktail party – the LBD. But if you ... Read More »

5 Low Budget Ways to Change Your Wardrobe for Spring

Since the spring is already here, we all want to get out of the thick and heavy winter clothes and change into new fresh, light and beautiful spring a like outfits. And no matter what we have from last spring, there is no way we would not want to have new additions to our wardrobe. And that is fine. But ... Read More »

Colorful Combinations For The Warm Seasons 2015

The right mix of colors is essential for the perfect look of every lady. Moreover, there are trends among colors too and you can easily notice that on the fashion shows twice a year, where the magic about gorgeous and fashionable models, styles and colors mix into one single runway. These trends help us to form our personal style and ... Read More »

How to Spice Up Your All Black Looks

We would never underestimate the power of the all-black looks: they are beautiful, bold, simple, yet classy, and you can rarely go wrong with them. Some claim that black is too dark, closes up your beauty and radiance and makes you look as if you are constantly headed to a funeral. Nevertheless, designers keep pushing us to wear black and ... Read More »

The Best Spring Fashion Trend: 70s Fashion

The 20th century definitely brought a lot to the table when it comes to fashion. Last year the ‘50s and ‘60s made a slight come back with thigh-high socks, midi- A-line skirts and shift or trapeze-shaped dresses. However, this year we move to the next decade: the free-spirited, colorful and controversial ‘70s! The ‘70s are associated with the hippie movement, ... Read More »

Clever Solutions To Fashion Problems

We, women, are very emotional human beings and we let simple things to irritate us. Often, the  things that irritates us the most, are those, which have something to do with our appearance, especially when this small thing makes us look bad or out of shape. But let me show you some solutions for these small things that can ruin ... Read More »

2015 in Marsala

Every new year, there are new trends and a new ‘it’ color. With the recently arrived year it is time to talk about the new trend that will be all around us and how to incorporate it in our lives. The 2015 color is Marsala. This is the color of the wine. Also kind of the color of love for ... Read More »

7 Secrets That Every Fashionista Should Know

Having a sense of style is something many women are born with. Once you have that style, no matter of your budget, you just could make things work. Other women, though, have to learn and they do learn and still look amazing. Then there are some of us that just are not stylish, at least not in the typical common ... Read More »

Best Pairs To Keep You Stylish

There are a few styling pairs which are like Soul-mates when they are put one next to another. I’m talking about colors and designs. Take a look: Emerald green and black. You will look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your outfit. The emerald is the color of the kings and if you have a certain emerald accent somewhere ... Read More »

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