How To Solve Bra Problems

If you don’t like the way your breasts look when you put on the bra, you have to find out what is the reason for this problem. It is not beautiful looking when your bra isn’t the right size and the right fit. Down below you will find the most common signs that will show you you are wearing the ... Read More »

How To Look Like Business Lady

There is a famous thought: “Dress for the work you want, not for the one you’ve got”. Well, this is easier to by said than done. Usually, if you are not working the job you want, you budget is quite small and the job you want requires a little bit of more than just a ‘small budget’. Besides that, if ... Read More »

5 Low-Cost Ways to Renew Your Spring Closet

You know that no matter how big your closet is it is always too small for your clothes. Other people just do not understand how difficult it is to keep all of your clothes and still be fashionable every season. You have to buy so many other new ones and still look fashionable every season. This definitely is not an ... Read More »

Interesting Facts and Myths about Bras

Men view bras as a symbol of erotic dreams and femininity. However, we, girls, know how much more there is to these pieces of lingerie. They can provide you with security, with some extra “volume” and even confidence. However, they can also sometimes squeeze your skin, press the wrong places, and make your breasts look worse or make you feel ... Read More »

All Year Challenge – Embrace the Colors

The black color is stylish and classic, but I want you to find a way to be stylish and classic in other colors. I know that your comfort zone is all in black, gray and other neutral colors, which means that you are not brave enough to experiment with the other colors – the sassy ones, the bright ones, those ... Read More »

What Your Clothes Say About You

There are millions of things that can reveal a person’s personality – what is your favorite color or whether you prefer dogs or cats. There is another “quiz” now, which reveals your personality and these are your clothes. Even if you think that if you just grab a pair of clothes in the morning this would not mean anything, you ... Read More »

Organize Your Closet

You have heard that no matter how many clothes women have they have nothing to wear. And the funny part is that their closet is full of clothes. I am sure yours is too. Just admit it. When you open it sometimes even clothes start to fall. This is a trait women have and I dare say we never going ... Read More »

Chic And Noticeable at The Office

When you are new fish in the sea, you have to put the best outfit if you want to be noticed by the other fishes. But make sure that your clothes are at the same level of the bigger fishes clothes, otherwise they will eat you up with your little, non-noticeable clothes. Here are some great tips and tricks for ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

The weather outside has been getting colder and colder until it has made us take out the woolen sweaters, the big scarves and the knitted hats out of the back areas of the closet and put them on. Being stylish when all you are thinking about is how to keep yourself warm while you are outside is a difficult task. ... Read More »

Wedding Swimsuit – Why Not?

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding by the sea or at least to be on your favourite beach? And how it sounds to say the cherished “Yes”, dressed in a bikini? Or how about a stylish piece of bathing clothing with a suitably rich wedding decoration? Such romantic Mara Hoffman brand offers in her new collection for 2014 series ... Read More »

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