How to Dress for a Wedding

I do not know if you have noticed, but love is everywhere in this warm season. Personally, I believe that a September wedding is a lot better than the July or August one, as the heat is a lot less, but it is still warm and not rainy. Still, there are tons of beautiful, elegant brides, holding on to their ... Read More »

Eight Fashion Rules You Are Allowed to Break

According to some people, fashion is one of the most complicated concepts in the world. It has diverse meanings in the minds of different individuals: some may perceive it as art, while others – as the next way to exploit workers and to create money. Fashion and the corresponding industry have a huge impact on our lives, from psychological disorders ... Read More »

How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for your Body Type

Imagine this: the sun is shining strongly, the light breeze is tickling you and messing up your wavy hair, the sound of the sea’s waves is calming every anxiety you might be having and the beach is not too busy. The ideal situation, right? Or maybe you prefer a luxurious hotel, a sun bed, a bar nearby and a swimming ... Read More »

How to Dress Your Body So That It Looks Leaner and Taller

Summer is lots of people’s favorite season, and we are definitely part of that group! It comes with a sense of freedom, with lots of sunshine and planned or spontaneous trips, and basically fun and happiness. However, when you have to make wardrobe choices during the summer, you might feel a bit anxious and stressed. First of all, you need ... Read More »

Summer Shoe Trends

Many girls dream of a shoe collection similar to the one Carrie Bradshaw, the famous TV character from Sex and the City, had in stock. She would not have enough money to pay her rent, but would invest in trendy high-heeled Manolo Blanhik footwear. We do not believe in such extreme ends of love for fashion, but we certainly in ... Read More »

Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2015

New season means new wardrobe for the fashion enthusiasts among you! Some items can be helpful all year around, like a blazer, a skater skirt or a pair of Converse because they can be worn both in cold or hot weather. However, some elements of your closet are typical for a particular time of year. In the case of summer, ... Read More »

Five Emergency Summer Outfit Ideas

Have you ever stood in front of your closet with a confused mind and no idea what clothes to put on in order to feel confident and happy? We will not believe you if you say you haven’t! Every woman has encountered the unfortunate lack of inspiration for an outfit. Whether it is a special occasion, a job interview, or ... Read More »

The Key Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

A fresh start for your wardrobe can boost your mood a lot more than you think. As there is more sun and temperatures have risen, you have the opportunity to show some more skin or explore the depths of the new fashion trends without being afraid. An especially great stage for your style adventures would be your vacation destination. Far ... Read More »

How to Create a Unique Look for Your Wedding

It is a common perception that women start fantasizing for their wedding day since they are little girls. The romantic idea of a special day when a woman can be the center of attention as a beautiful princess who has found the love of her life is widespread among the female gender. Of course, such generalizations are silly, as nowadays ... Read More »

4 Prints You Must Always Have in Your Wardrobe

There is nothing like a print, especially if you want to be both casual and elegant at the same time. Prints are always fashionable, they only take turn which one to be more fashionable than the others this season. People who love prints and usually wear them look professional and are very attractive. You cannot miss them if you are ... Read More »

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