HOT ALERT: Movies That Every Girl Should Watch

  Don’t worry, I won’t talk about romantic movies, like the Notebook. Today I want to talk about sexy movies, like Dirty dancing. I want to talk about movies that will mess up with your dream and raise your heartbeat while you watch them. I will make a list of my favorite sexy movies and you can add to this list ... Read More »

Children’s Movies which Adults Also Enjoy

If you are a serious adult who does not allow themselves to have fun, laugh and enjoy something silly, well, you are probably living a slightly boring, gray life. You do not need to become a grumpy person when you get older: you can still enjoy bright colors and kids’ things even when you have started working, for instance! Do ... Read More »

Enter Christian Grey’s Fortress 

Almost a week before the release of the movie, based on a world’s bestseller novel, 50 Shades of Grey, the PR department of the movie made a really smart move – they show us the apartment of the main male character of the movie and the book, Christian Grey. It is a penthouse in Seattle. Let’s discuss what we are seeing room ... Read More »

10 of The Worst Selfies Ever!

Selfies are a fashion hat has been around for a while now. People tend to make slefies everywhere they go. You probably think you have seen the worst selfie somewhere in you feed. But there truth is there is worse than the worse! Although they are hilarious I can’t even imagine how people do that and don’t even notice what ... Read More »

A Man’s World Versus Woman’s World

I know that the whole world is trying to prove that women and men are the same and that they have equal civil and ethical rights, but when we talk about emotions, it is more than obvious that there is a slight difference between a man’s and a woman’s behavior. Let’s go through a woman’s and a man’s day and ... Read More »

Disney Movies Recast – Is It Possible?

Have you ever wondered which actors are capable of playing the roles of your favorite Disney animated characters? Well, Thomas Kurniawan did. He is a photoshop artist and what he did is simply amazing. He took amazing movies and amazing actors and photoshoped a movie poster. Take a look what he created: Do you think Scarlett Johansson will make a gorgeous ... Read More »

Time For Wedding Bells In Hollywood

Yeah, we are following the lives of our favorite celebrities. And yes, there are celebrity couples that we really love and wait for them to hear the wedding bells. Let’s see which are the most discussed couples, who are expecting weddings in 2015 (or at least we are expecting them to do it). Take a look: Jennifer Aniston & Justin ... Read More »

What is Left Behind the Cameras During Any Award Ceremony

Do you find yourself watching all the glamor and fuss around any awards through the year? Probably you do like over viewing all the pictures from the red carpet and commenting on the style of the celebrities. Then there is the ceremony and people come out to announce awards and it is fun and touching and everything you can imagine. ... Read More »

Disappointing Movies of 2014

We all watch movies. Some of us for a hobby, and others do it as their job. But all of us have favorite actors, directors, movie genres, scriptwriters and even producers. These favorite people makes you keep up with the movies they make and you watch them with a great desire and impatience. But have you ever happened to be ... Read More »

Why Celebrities Look So Great

We all watch them on the red carpet, or in different shows, interviews. We have favorites among them. We admire their beauty, style and behavior. Sometimes we judge their behavior (yes, I’m talking to you, Miley), but the most common question is: Why I can’t look as stunning as Jennifer Aniston? And the answer is: Because you are not a celebrity. ... Read More »

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