3 Ways To Prepare Avocado Toast

Do you want to eat healthy? Are you looking for a dish that you can prepare you breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you want something that‘s easy to prepare? Well, stop looking! I am going to present you something, easy, delicious and extremely healthy – the avocado toast! You can make it for lunch, prepare a late breakfast with it ... Read More »

Chicken Curry on Brown Rice

You have guests coming over tomorrow and you don’t have anything to cook? Want delicious and healthy dinner that’s easy to do? You will love this recipe! The chicken curry on brown rice will amaze you guests and make you the star if the night! Chicken and rice are healthy and very delicious at the same time and will keep you ... Read More »

The 10 Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for the day and that’s why we have to pay special attention to eat. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you energy throughout the day and will help you  keep in shape. Here are 10 of the best foods you can eat for breakfast that will give your day a great start! Greek Yogurt Greek ... Read More »

Chocolate – A Friend, Not Foe

We all know this sweet temptation, melting in your mouth, giving you one of the best feeling in the world. We simply cannot resist having a piece of chocolate, because, well… just because it is chocolate. This is the perfect gift, which brings people closer together and makes them smile. But is it a friend or foe? And which type ... Read More »

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