Italian Recipes For Cold Weather

Buongiorno, ragazzi! Do you long for a vacation in the romantic and beautiful Italy? Well, if you don’t have time to go there, we have prepared something delicious and healthy that will make you feel you are in Italy and will warm you up in the cold winter evenings. What better dinner than one from the center of good cuisine! ... Read More »

Aloe Gel For Drinking

I present you one really informative chart of 10 basic reasons why we should drink Aloe Vera Gel (not juice). So, imagine that you just cut an Aloe Vera leaf  and drink the gel, which is coming out of the leaf, right away. See what are the benefits of drinking this thick liquid: 1. Strong teeth and good oral hygiene. ... Read More »

What to Buy in the Post-Christmas Sales

After the holiday euphoria, Black Friday, Christmas gift shopping and all the crazy crowds at shopping malls, it is time to take a look at your wallet or online bank account and think about the things you bought. Were they smart buys or rather spontaneous purchases that are going to collect dust in the closet? Were the presents you bought ... Read More »

Bite-Sized Food for a Good Party

Even after the holidays, hosting a cool party at your home will definitely be a lot of fun and take you on a whole new level of popularity among your friends. However, when being a host, you need to actually take care of a few significant things. Decide on the guest list: keep it cozy and intimate, but still with ... Read More »

9 Benefits of Wine

After a long working day or at dinner time we often like to relax with a glass of wine to loosen up. What you probably do not know is that except from being absolutely delicious, wine is also good for our body and health in limited quantities. Here the 9 benefits of red wine we found. 1. Improves your memory ... Read More »

Nutrition and importance of the so-called functional foods

Functional foods are new and promising direction in the food industry. They aim is to improve people’s health and prevent from common diseases. Functional products help to increase physical endurance, improve digestion and regulate appetite. Above all, these are foods fortified with dietary fiber, bifid bacteria and lacto bacteria, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They include also special foods for ... Read More »

How to Eat Healthily Without Too Many Compromises

Our appetite during the colder months usually is stronger than during the summer. Keeping your figure lean and not going overboard with the foods we eat is hard sometimes. However, the steps toward a healthy diet and having better eating habits for a slim figure and a better health. A good breakfast is the key to eating healthy. You need ... Read More »

Best Drinking Tips For Your 21st B-day

When you have a week before you hit your 21 years, you have to prepare with some tips for that temptation that has been forbidden all your life – the alcohol. I’m not saying that you have to stay drunk all the time, you have to enjoy it, not poison yourself, after all keep in mind that almost any kind of ... Read More »

Best Homemade Snacks For the Christmas Vacation

The Christmas vacation is almost here, we have a week left, and what we are going to do during the vacation: relax! I really need to stay on the cozy couch, to watch a nice movie or to read a great book, while drinking nice warm tea. I can’t wait this moment to come. But there is something else that ... Read More »

3 Hot Beverages For Winter Days (And Nights)

Winter is here and the time for hot beverages finally came! Here I have collected some of the best recipes for hot beverages that you can drink in winter days (or nights) when you just want to cuddle with your blanket and watch soap operas. The best way to serve these beverages is by preheating the glass and then pouring ... Read More »

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