Holidays & Parties

Tacos Party Snack

It is not an easy job to prepare the perfect party food. The people will come hungry, but the party is not the time to serve dinner. And this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your guests hungry. The simplest solution of this problem is to cook something that is easy to be prepared, but delicious, nutritious and A LOT. ... Read More »

Easter Feast at Home

The Easter is coming and you have to be prepared with the proper meals if you are willing to welcome your family and friends in your home for a delicious holiday lunch. You are an adult now and you should start to think like one and to act like one. If you like cooking, hosting family and friends gatherings is ... Read More »

What to Buy in the Post-Christmas Sales

After the holiday euphoria, Black Friday, Christmas gift shopping and all the crazy crowds at shopping malls, it is time to take a look at your wallet or online bank account and think about the things you bought. Were they smart buys or rather spontaneous purchases that are going to collect dust in the closet? Were the presents you bought ... Read More »

Bite-Sized Food for a Good Party

Even after the holidays, hosting a cool party at your home will definitely be a lot of fun and take you on a whole new level of popularity among your friends. However, when being a host, you need to actually take care of a few significant things. Decide on the guest list: keep it cozy and intimate, but still with ... Read More »

Best Homemade Snacks For the Christmas Vacation

The Christmas vacation is almost here, we have a week left, and what we are going to do during the vacation: relax! I really need to stay on the cozy couch, to watch a nice movie or to read a great book, while drinking nice warm tea. I can’t wait this moment to come. But there is something else that ... Read More »

Stay Away From These Holiday Foods 

There are certain Holiday foods that bring you way more calories than others. And if you want to save the results from two months sweating in the gym, you have to put some limits on your food intake and not just any food intake, in general, but specific meals. I’m not suggesting to not eat them at all, because that is impossible, ... Read More »

Stuffed Chicken Instead of Turkey for Thanksgiving

You know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you want to welcome some guests you have to be well prepared with the table and the dishes on it. As you are familiar with the traditional stuffed turkey for this holiday, I will suggest you to try something different – a stuffed chicken. Yes, you will say that ... Read More »

Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes sometimes require a lot of dedication: hair, makeup, clothes, etc., so why not use your nails to scare people too? Here are some great ideas: Splattered Blood: Apply a base coat and then a white nail polish. Drop a little red nail polish and then start splattering it with a toothpick. The more chaotic it is, the more ... Read More »

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