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Counting Calories: How Much Are A Hundred Calories?

Counting calories maybe is not the best way to actually slim down your figure, but it is a good start. Every person has his own unique organism and their metabolism differs too. However, super foods are often the same for most people. You should not stress your body with a drastic diet of “no-eating”: it may lead to complications of ... Read More »

You Must Have These Conversations With Your Soulmate

The first advice that relationship specialists give us is to think about the relationship really seriously and to discuss it in our minds, before any other kind of talk with the other half of the couple. You have to clarify the answers to these questions: Am I ready to part of a couple? How do I feel about work, social life and ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Skin After Gym

Hopefully, many of you have started fulfilling their New Year resolution, involving getting fit and healthy by going to the gym. We definitely support the idea because sport will keep you healthy, lean and pretty, and can also boost your mood and confidence. However, you need to remember that a clean diet has to be followed too! Toning your body ... Read More »

Interesting ideas for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is coming and you do not know how to make it different this year. Is it every year the same as the one before: romantic dinner, maybe on candle light or a trip to a special place? Are you out of ideas? Here are some that will help you have a special day, one in a lifetime day. ... Read More »

What You Should Know About Marriage

There is no such thing as unconditional love for your spouse As much as it may sound shocking it is just about right. There is no guaranty that you will love your husband for the next 30-40 years or even for the next twelve months. Some days you might even hate him. People often say that at some point of ... Read More »

Find The Perfect Sport Spot For You

One of the most mentioned New Year’s resolution is “To join gym”. That’s why January is the most profitable month of the year for the gyms. People buy cards and then forget about the appointments or get too lazy, but the money was already in the bank account of the gym. Sometimes it’s not about the laziness, some people are extremely energetic ... Read More »

How To Keep Training After The Holidays

If you are like me, you are extremely thankful that the holidays are over. And because you don’t like to spend time with your family or you just hate Christmas, but because with the end of the holidays comes the end of eating spree you were on the whole time! Christmas damaged our wealthy eating habits and exercise regimen and ... Read More »

Vacation Places Where You Can Actually Relax

Often happens to come back home from a vacation and you feel exhausted from it. It happens when you go to a new place and you want to visit all the sights and famous places of the destination. When you plan a vacation you have to consider all the factors. The first one is the purpose of the vacation. Decide ... Read More »

How to Make a Long-distance Relationship Work?

You are young, in love, all of your lives are ahead of you, but suddenly…Oh, crap! You move to different colleges, or one of you has to start work in another city or even country. Nobody believes you when you tell them that you two will have a long-distance relationship.There is even this proverb “Out of sight, out of mind”. ... Read More »

Running for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

Running is probably the most famous cardio activity among participants. For some enthusiasts running is not just exercise for weight loss, but rather an integral part of their morning, evening, weekend. But not everyone can at any moment decided he wants to run, to put the running shoes on and especially without breathing hard, make a 40-50 minute cross with ... Read More »

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