The Workout Plan for a Tight Bum

Maybe you have been a disciplined girl this year and did not forget about your New Year’s Resolutions by January 10th, so now you have a toned body that you can proudly show off at the beach. Or maybe you were lazy, preferred chocolate spread and French fries and lying on the sofa, binge watching TV shows. If you are ... Read More »

Why is Your Workout Regime Not Giving Results?

In some parts of the world summer has already arrived, in others – the hot weather season lasts all year long. Nevertheless, the real motivation for most women to get fit and incorporate a healthy eating regime into their routine is here – beaches and bikinis. We all want to have a flat stomach, firm thighs, no loose skin, as ... Read More »

Thing Not To Do Before a Workout

Now you will say: “I just started to work out and the rules never end”. You shouldn’t demotivate about the rules and the tips, because they will bring the great results. If your goal is losing weight, you have to create a lifestyle that will work for this goal. Believe me, I tried only to do a lot of cardio ... Read More »

Say Goodbye To Your Belly Fat

I know that you raised it all winter, but now it is time  to say goodbye to your precious belly fat. The summer is here and you will feel the urge to wear short blouses, crop tops and tight dresses, and the belly fat is not a flattering match to the low waist jeans and the crop top outfit. Down ... Read More »

Some Diets Don’t Work

Sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’m talking about your desire to lose weight. It is a well known fact that if you want to lose weight you have to follow a diet plan and exercise routine. I know people (it happened to me as well) that give their best in order to loose weight – they exercise 5 times per ... Read More »

How to Tighten Your Skin after Weight Loss

It is now May and summer is just around the corner, trying to tempt us with vacations, bikini, beautiful beaches, sunshine and positive emotions. If you have joined the team of healthy girls that have been working out and maintaining a good diet, you might have lost some weight by this time of year, so that you are ready to ... Read More »

How to Get Up in the Morning and Start Working Out

Are you a morning person? If you are, we absolutely envy you. Having a stable routine in which you can get up and start being productive is extremely helpful in every area of life, whether it is exercise, studying, household duties, etc.  However, there are people (like me) who cannot simply begin their day suddenly and exercise. Morning workouts have ... Read More »

Tips For Fitness Novices

Nobody comes into this world taught. We all have to start at some point start learning things. That’s why you should take advices from people who already know one or two things about the adventure you are going through. Today I want to talk about health and more specifically, about the sport. I’ll not take your time to explain you how ... Read More »

Post-Workout Common Mistakes

Working out is a lifestyle and if you don’t do it right, it won’t let you reach the goals that you’ve put. I know that the daily routine spin you around like you are on a roller coaster, but if you find it too hard to do so many things at once, just take a break and start over. If ... Read More »

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