Destination: Barcelona

It‘s time for our next destination! And the next place we are going to go is one of my favorite places in the whole world – an amazing city with rich history, unique architecture and lovely people who will never make you feel alone or bored. Our next destination is Barcelona – the jewel in the crown of Spain. Barcelona ... Read More »

How to Pack Your Luggage When You Are in a Hurry

No one likes doing things hastily: it often ends up in a bad result. The same happens when you are packing your bags for a trip: if you are in a hurry, you can forget key items and you might end up either in awkward situations or having to spend lots of additional money on those forgotten pieces. However, there ... Read More »

Visiting Milan: A Short Guide

Now, let’s be honest here: is there someone who can resist Italy’s charm? The food, the people, the architecture, the history, the art, the wine… All of these elements create the environment that everyone needs for an amazing weekend trip or even a longer vacation. My personal dream is to be able to travel across Italy and get the full ... Read More »

London: A Tourist Destination for Every Taste

London, baby! This amazing city with a population of over 9 million people offers so much and is claimed to be one of the greatest places to visit or live in not only in Europe, but also on a global scale! As a capital of the United Kingdom, it holds many great significant places like the Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing ... Read More »

Renting a Vacation Home – 10 Golden Rules – Part2

In the previous article we started with 5 golden rules, which will help you rent a vacation home quickly and easily. It is time to continue with 5 more, which could also save you lots of trouble and help you enjoy a wonderful holiday. 6. Research before renting Take your time and carefully research your options. There is no need ... Read More »

Louvre Museum: Tips for a day at the museum

From a grim fortress in the Middle Ages through the opulent home of the Sun King Louis the Fourteenth to one of the museums most famous collections and the longest queue in the world – welcome to the Louvre! This is a huge treasury, for which in the best case, you’ll need a few hours. Take all day if you ... Read More »

7 Big Cities Commonly Mistaken for Capitals

There are cities, which managed to grow and develop to become the biggest, the most beautiful or the most famous in their countries… however they did not manage to become official capitals. Thanks to their qualities though, they often test the geography knowledge of many people, who wrongly believe they are the actual capital cities of a certain countries. Here ... Read More »

Renting a Vacation Home – 10 Golden Rules – Part 1

No one wants their vacation ruined. You can prevent some renting issues, which may arise by following these 10 golden rules and enjoy your holiday. 1. Use only trustworthy sources If you look for your vacation home through the Internet, always check the credibility of the website. Don`t get deceived by offers, which sound too good to be true. You ... Read More »

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