Reasons to Visit Cuba

The best destinations for an interesting trip for people who love exploring new places are the ones that are constantly changing and developing. The reason for that is that their changing environment will leave you with a special and unique memory compared to what others might experience there. Cuba is exactly a place like that and the truth is that ... Read More »

What Not to Do on a Trip Abroad

Travelling is the best thing you can spend money on. It is more educational than books in some sense because you gain actual experience and can create your own vision of the world. It is more fun than going to the mall and spending all that cash on clothes and cosmetics. It is surely more exciting than a night out ... Read More »

What You Can See In Milan

When I hear Milan, I think of street style, models, great architecture and one of the most romantic places on Earth (or, at least, in Europe!). I have been there and I can say that Milan is one of those places that you have to visit and once you go there, you are already in love. This is the perfect ... Read More »

6 Ways Travelling Makes us Better People

Do you like to travel? Besides all the emotions and feelings that generates a trip, you realize that this is a way to become a better person? If you do not believe we will prove it! 1. You begin to feel comfortable in any situation – Not every traveler is completely comfortable away from home and the normal living environment. ... Read More »

5 Sunset Spots In Europe

Watching the sunset is one of the most romantic things you can do with your significant other or just by yourself whenever you want to find your inner peace and spend some time on your own. It‘s not bad to watch the sunset from your window at home, but it‘s way better to watch it from one of the places ... Read More »

5 Exotic Destinations For New Year

During the cold winter months, everyone dreams of sunny beaches and summer. Celebrating New Year somewhere exotic is the very good opportunity to bring the summer back in your life! If you want to feel the sun on your skin even when it‘s Christmas and feel like taking a trip to somewhere you‘ve never been before, read our top 5 ... Read More »

A Simple Travel Guide: Amsterdam

One of the most popular and exciting travel destinations in Europe is indeed the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Its fame has definitely a lot of empirical support: few cities combine beautiful historical architecture, modern nightlife and a great variety of both people and experiences while being a capital and not only a tourist destination. The city itself is not too big: ... Read More »

A Magical Destination for a Weekend Getaway: Lisbon

Often people tend to neglect the beauty and charm of the Portuguese capital because of its widely famous neighboring rival, Madrid. However, Lisbon is still a huge tourist attraction and it is definitely worth the visit! To begin with, the weather is perfect even in early spring or in fall: temperatures vary between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius. The good news ... Read More »

Christmas Bazaars To Visit This Year

I’m feeling a little ashamed to talk about Christmas this early, but the topic that I want to discuss is one that requires some time to prepare yourself, because it includes booking a flight and a room – Christmas Bazaars. I’ll show you the most picturesque bazaars all over the world. America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar in Portland This US Bazaar ... Read More »

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