Technology Reduce Your Memory

The smarter  your tools become, the dumber you get. I don’t want to offend you or something like that, but this is the cold truth. The smart phones are here to help us, but we are relying so truthfully on them that we can’t notice the way they harm us and more specifically, they reduce our memory. I want to ... Read More »

Why This Spring is The Best time to Visit Europe?

Europe as a whole is one of the most amazing places you could visit. It is beautiful and it is all different from the rest of the World. Every different country in Europe brings something special that can’t be compared to anything else. Europe should be experience at least a couple of times in your life, because once just isn’t ... Read More »

How to Avoid International Roaming Charges

People that travel often know how awful the roaming charges are. And no matter how much you say, that you won’t use and need your phone, there always is something that comes up. Going on a holiday no matter where could be low budget, but why can’t your phone bill be like that. It turns out that in the USA ... Read More »

Tricks For Better Sleep

You know how hard it is to fall asleep some nights, right? Some people have big problems with their sleep, sometimes it is a medical condition, sometimes you are just overwhelmed with work, stress, information or concerns. When you are from the second group of people, you can make a change, only by following these tips for better sleep. Take a look: ... Read More »

Health Tips For Travelers

Some people, especially students, love to be ill because that way they can skip school. But everybody hates being ill during vacation time. There is nothing worse than this (OK, it is at least in the top 10 worst things). A lot of people take some time off work just once a year, and to be sick on that very ... Read More »

What to Do in LA

LA is one of those places your dream of visiting. It has the beaches, the palms, the shops, the dance studios, Hollywood and the night life. What more would like from a city? Oh, yes, there is a place to hike and you can surf. I don’t know what more can I say. It is a place where you can’t ... Read More »

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

There are few things that are more fun and enjoyable than a weekend getaway. Whether you choose to leave town with a few of your best girlfriends or your boyfriend, it is definitely a recipe for a great time! Right now plane tickets are quite affordable, especially if you go for a low-cost airline. Or maybe you want to have ... Read More »

10 Rules For Being a Good Photographer

There is no need for you to hire a professional photographer to capture your moments, or to depend on a friend for that – you can learn how to be a pretty good photographer if you know some tricks and rules. Take a look: Choose an object for your photo shoot. A person always shows his taste when he chooses one single object among ... Read More »

Your Profile Picture Isn’t a Keeper

You know that the profile picture is your virtual face of your virtual life. Have you ever thought how your profile picture looks in front of the other people and what was your idea of posting it? Do those two factors match together or not so much? Let me show you what your profile picture tells about you: Black & White ... Read More »

Hong Kong for Free

Hong Kong is an overwhelming city. It is gigantic – in matters of buildings, how large the city is and how many people are there. So the city is extreme as a hole. But is also is a very interesting place. It is a clash of cultures and you can experience many different things. Plan a trip to place like ... Read More »

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