Bright Summer Makeup Design

Every makeup that is more complicated than a liner, has to be well prepared. For instance, you can’t apply any colors to your eyes, you have to match the colors of the shadows with the color of your eyes, with the skin complexion and the hair color. You can see that the makeup application requires knowledge and good sense for ... Read More »

Six Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Having oily skin becomes particularly annoying in the summer. The heat causes you to sweat a lot which fills in your pores and makes you break out even more. Not to mention how you cannot find a good-quality product that will truly mattify your skin and you do not become a shining example of oiliness! The most common mistake made ... Read More »

Half Updo With a Surprise

You have to try new and different things in order to find and create beautiful designs of your look. Why i’m telling you this? I know a woman, she is my teacher. So, this woman had never changed her hairstyle since I was little, which means that she has the same hairstyle for more than 10 years. Believe me, her ... Read More »

Special Effect for Your Eye Makeup

You know that some occasions require special look, and the special look can be easily achieved with makeup if you know how to match the makeup according to the occasion. In fact, the makeup application is a complex procedure, which doesn’t include only the application of the makeup. The procedure includes other skills and knowledge, like: The ability to choose ... Read More »

Hairstyle Inspired by Fantasy Creature

The hairstyle down below will take your breath away. It is inspired by the show Game of thrones, in which you can find three gorgeous dragons. It doesn’t matter if you are fan of the show or not, but the hairstyle will catch your eye. If you like the hairstyle, you can see how to create it by simply following ... Read More »

Extraordinary Lip Color

No matter what color you attend to apply on your lips, you have to prepare them for the makeup, especially if you want matte, dark lipstick. First of all, some tips for your lip skin: Keep your body hydrated, otherwise your lips will show you how bad the body is feeling by the lack of enough water – they will ... Read More »

Classy Eye Makeup Design

As a beautiful woman, you have to take care of your look constantly. Not only that you have to create beautiful designs with the makeup, but you will have to take care of the skin, the hair, the nails from the inside as well. If you are healthy, it will lead to smooth skin, strong and thick hair and long ... Read More »

Homemade Lip Product Ideas

Every girl loves having an opulent arsenal of beauty products in her drawer. First of all, you body care collection usually requires a shower gel, a lotion or body butter, probably a scrub, something for hair removal and fragrances, of course. Then, you have your face products: moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, mask, scrub, some special treatment, and makeup, of course. ... Read More »

Beautiful Low Chignon

I often say that blond hairs make the braided details look much better. That’s why I try to show you more tutorials for braids, made on light colored hairs. My logic is quite simple – when the hair is light, the details of the braids will be better contoured by the shadows. But enough with the humble-mumble, let me show ... Read More »

Triple Beauty For Your Eyes

Since the summer days are here we have to celebrate them with proper look. Use your makeup to achieve this proper summer look. Let’s see the steps one by one: You can’t apply colorful eye makeup without preparing the skin first. Apply primer and foundation according to the condition of your facial skin. If it is already smooth and even, ... Read More »

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