Bold Design For Almond Eyes

I don’t want to be mean, but the greatest eye shape is the almond one, because it can handle all kinds of makeup designs and the eyes will look good all the time. This eye shape is the one that is most preferable by the makeup artists. And there is nothing surprising about that. Every makeup design flatters the eyes, ... Read More »

Must-Have Braided Hairstyle

You can create hair accessories only with your braiding skills. You will need nothing but nice, thick and long hair, which means that you must take proper care of your hair. I want to show you the tutorial, I really do, but before that, I will share with you some tips, which will guide you through your hair caring procedure. ... Read More »

No-Makeup Makeup Summer Look

If  you are a responsible girl then you should know that you have to take good care of your skin if you want it to be beautiful and healthy. This means that you should choose a week in the month (every month), which must be called “no-makeup week”. I know it’s hard, but this is an important step that will keep ... Read More »

Fancy Look With Fancy Color

You know that Pantone announced the color of the 2015 at the beginning of the year and this color is the Marsala one. It is feminine, intense and stylish, and its best quality is that it can be applied on your eyes, nails and lips without any concern. Today I want to show you an eye makeup, which is created ... Read More »

Fancy French Tips

The best nail art for short nails is the french manicure. Today I want to show you how to make a fancy french manicure. Just follow the steps one by one: There is one thing that you must take care about before the application of the nail polishes – the dry cuticles. It will be a problem if you decide not ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Face Cream at Home

Some might say that shopping is a woman’s internal instinct. We love going to different counters and picking out what face moisturizer, cleanser, oil, serum or exfoliating product we will be using. There is a plethora of options for brands, ingredients, fragrances, extracts and purposes of cosmetics out there. However, we are strong supporters of the idea that the closer ... Read More »

Tips For Hiding Tired Eyes

Your eyes are the worst gossipers, because they give away that you had a wild party time last night. But sometimes your the tired look of  your eyes isn’t caused by the wild night, it can be caused simply by tiredness, or worries, or troubled sleep, etc. The reasons are countless, while the solutions to the problem are not countless. ... Read More »

Hanging Chignon – Elegant & Feminine

If you need to look fancy and elegant, you can always bet on the hairstyle to keep you stylish. But it is not enough to tie your hair into a simple bun, you have to be more creative, which means that you must put some effort in your hairstyle if the occasion is special. Down below you will find a suggestion ... Read More »

Tutorial For Dark Colored Lids

When I have to decide what kind of makeup to put on my eyes, I always choose the simple designs, because they can be easily upgraded with some kind of fancy detail. This option is my favorite, because you can never make a bad decision mostly because the simple base and the fancy upgrade are a great match. It won’t ... Read More »

Elegant Look For a Fancy Occasion

Every fancy occasion requires a fancy look, and your fancy look can be achieved at home with simple tools and techniques. All you have to do is to follow these steps. Take a look: Basically, you’ll have to create a low bun. But before rolling the hair and securing it with bobby pins, you’ll have to prepare the texture of the ... Read More »

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