How to Create a Great Crop Top from a Regular Tank Top

DIY projects are definitely a great way to add something new and original to your closet. Not everyone can afford on buying every single trendy item for the season, even though we would wish that is possible. However, the good news is that recycling your clothes is not that hard. So if you have some old clothes and you think ... Read More »

DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend

No matter if there is an occasion or not, when we are in love we want to constantly make gifts to our significant other in order to show our love and devotion to him/her. But most of the times, store-bought items just won‘t get the job done because they‘re not personalized and unique – something we look for when buying ... Read More »

Egg Yolk Does Miracles for Your Hair!

You will be surprised at the number of great hair remedies you can find in your kitchen. Some people are really strong supporters of incorporating foods in hair treatments, as opposed to using the ones that are sold in drugstores. Using something like egg yolk on your hair is not only very healthy, but also lacks the chemicals added to ... Read More »

Cut Your Bangs

You know that keeping a bangs neat is an every-week business. But going to your hairdresser every week will be a little heavy-budget thing. That’s why you should learn to do it yourself. It’s not hard and after a few cuts, you’ll master it and see that there is nothing you can’t do on your own. Cutting your bangs at ... Read More »

Elegant Chignon

Your hairstyle is one of the most important parts of your whole look and style. If you want to impress the people with good fashion taste you should think of all parts of your outfit and that surely includes your hairstyle. When your hair is arranged in order to match the occasion and your clothes, makeup and nails, you will ... Read More »

Get Those Hollywood Brows

Eyebrows are very important for every women’s look . If you make a wrong move when shaping your eyebrows that could turn into disaster. If you want to prevent that from happening , take a look at these tips below .  I think that every women should know how to shape their brows in best possible way . Take good care ... Read More »

False Eyelashes – The Hidden Risks

Long, thick, expressive eyelashes have always been used to demonstrate femininity and seduce the opposite sex. But not all women have been blessed with such eyelashes by the Mother Nature, so the appearance of the false lashes was a real revolution. Young and not-so-young ladies were crazy about them and could not wait to buy a pair of them and ... Read More »

8 Hilariously Clever Halloween Costumes

Halloween is knocking on the door and it’s time to think about what to wear, where to go and how to throw the most amazing Halloween party your friends have ever seen! I won’t give you advice how to decorate you home for your party (at least, for now), but I will give you inspiration for your Halloween outfit by sharing ... Read More »

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