How To Create Party Makeup Design

The great party makeup design is the dark one. I know that some eyes can’t handle the dark colors, but if you want to look sexy and gorgeous, you should make it work. If your eyes are too small, you can always leave the bottom waterline nude and this will make the eye appear bigger, despite the dark colors. But ... Read More »

How To Look Younger With Makeup

Down below you will find several tips for your makeup, which will make you look younger. Here we go: The first step is to moisturize your skin. It is obvious and you shouldn’t neglect it. All other steps are useless if you skip this one. When you use a concealer, choose a liquid one, because it blends out the fine ... Read More »

Bright Color For Your Liner

If you wonder how to pamper your look, you can stop by and keep reading, because I will show you a great way to make your eyes glow with a bright color of the summer – the light turquoise blue color. I’m suggesting you to use this color for a liner makeup design. Take a look at the steps and ... Read More »

Bold Flick – The Only Makeup You Need

Why is it so important to learn how to draw the perfect flick? First of all, applying liner is a skill that is required in almost every makeup design. That’s the main reason for its importance. But there is another reason that is as significant as the first one – the cat-eye flick makes you look sexy. And being sexy ... Read More »

6 Easy Steps For a Spectacular Chignon

The people in central Europe are literally melting because of the heat. This weather phenomenon inspired me to write you this article – it is all about small tips that will make you escape the heat, but no matter what, you will look beautiful. Take a look: If your skin complexion is still pale, you should boost it up with ... Read More »

How To Create No-makeup Makeup Design in 4 Steps

These days we opt for simple stuff, which save us time and money. It is all about the simplicity. Today I want to show you a no-makeup makeup technique, which is extremely easy and trendy these days. Mostly because the summer makeup techniques require bright colors, light hues and simple designs. So, don’t hesitate, take the makeup palette, the brush ... Read More »

Braid, Wrap & Tie

The summer hotness force us to wear thin and short clothes, to stay at home all day and to tie our long hairs, which is almost a sin, because of the long and difficult procedure of growing your hair longer and stronger. But don’t worry, there are many hairstyles that require braids, wraps, knots, clips, etc. All these details and ... Read More »

Trendy Ponytail Look

Recently, I wrote an article which was all about the ponytails and the huge trend about them this year. For instance, the sleek ponytail is a classic hairstyle and I think that it will be a trendy hairstyle forever. First of all, it will be your back-up plan for a good hairstyle when the roots of your hair are greasy ... Read More »

Bandana Low Chignon

If your hair isn’t in its best condition, you can always hide that with the right hairstyle. Don’t worry, no one is judging you, everyone has busy periods when the time isn’t enough and the silly stuff like showering our hair, are just holding you back. And what if you have a meeting with your friend, but your dry shampoo ... Read More »

One Side Ponytail with a Bow Decoration

The one-side ponytail is a great hairstyle for the hot summer days, because your hair will be off the back and you won’t feel so hot anyway. This hairstyle is gorgeous, because it can be your casual hairstyle, but it can work also as a formal hairstyle if you choose the right dress as an outfit. Let’s see the steps ... Read More »

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