Clever Trick For Your Eye Makeup

I don’t know what we (girls) are going to do without our clever beauty tricks. We will struggle between puffy eyes and smudged liner. But I will say: “No more smudged liner!”. There are a lot of tricks for perfecting your cat-eye liner, but today I want to show you the one with the spoon, take a look: When you ... Read More »

Golden Look For Flashy Night

I’m sure that you are a fan of the smoky makeup effect. I claim bravely that I’m sure about that, because there are so many variations of that style that you have to like at least one subcategory. For instance, I like to experiment with the colors when it comes to smoky eye. Let’s skip for a while the traditional ... Read More »

Shaping Thin Brows

Brows shaping is a huge craze these days. I think that the trend of bushy brows came when we started the contouring thing and the more often use of bronzer. As the skin goes darker and the foundations and the powders are all over the face, the brows started to fade away. I’m sure that before the shaping brows routine, you ... Read More »

Pastel Shades For Your Eyes

I often show you different makeup tricks for brightening and enlarging small eyes. The simple explanation for this is the fact that my eyes are small. But from time to time I want to apply eyeliners or eye shadows, which is a problem, because most of the makeup designs are closing the eyes visually. Which will cause unpleasant effects of ... Read More »

Cat-eye Liner Trick

I bet that some of you, just like me, have trouble with the application of their eyeliner. My eyes are odd. They are small, hooded and with soft lids, which automatically means that my worst enemy is the liner. I always smudge the flick at the end, or make the inner half too thick and the outer too thin. Every ... Read More »

Fluffy Pink Lips

Do remember that retro lip style of the 90s, when everybody wore their lips brown and outlined. Back then it was a huge trend, but now we find it ridiculous, especially when it’s so affordable to upgrade your lips with hyaluronic acid. But sometimes, you don’t want to reduce the amount of your saving bill just for one special night, because, admit it: you ... Read More »

How To Cut a Perfect Bang

These days, with all these tutorial all over the internet, a person can do almost everything he wants, especially when it comes to looks, fashion trends and styles. Today I want to show you how to cut your own straight bang. You will need only a scissor which is really sharp. Take a look: Your hair has to be clean and ... Read More »

How To Use Every Day Objects For Your Nail Art

Sometimes you get out of ideas, but you never have to go blue, just look around you and I’m sure that you will find your inspiration. Let’s talk about nail art. If you like to paint your nails all by yourself, you have to be prepared for the creative crisis, when the ideas will be out of your head and ... Read More »

Fancy Look With Bronze Lids

We can easily say that the most discussed style for the past 2014 year is the Vintage style. And I’m not talking only about the fashion world. You can find the presence of the vintage style in many furniture designs, interior decorations, architecture, books, hairstyles and of course makeup designs. Today I want to show you such makeup design, take ... Read More »

How to Perfectly Define Your Eyebrows

Having beautiful eyebrows is like having the most beautiful bag/shoes in the whole wide world. The right shape for your eyebrows and them being defined beautifully can bring out your eyes. Before it was the most common thing to have thin arched eyebrows. Nowadays though – not so much! Models like Cara Delevigne set the trend for big, dark eyebrows. ... Read More »

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