3 Trendy Ways To Rock Your Ponytail

The 2015 is the year of Marsala, this is a well known fact, but it is also the year of ponytails too, which is very convenient considering the fact that outside is as hot as hell. Today I will show you three different styles of ponytails, which will make you look absolutely stunning. Remember, the ponytail is not a hairstyle ... Read More »

How To: Manga Doll Eyelashes

There are many tricks that could help you to get a sexy look. The easiest one is to apply the proper makeup design, but you should know that you’ll have to pay attention to the whole picture, but the whole picture is built from the details. That’s why you have to pay attention to the little details, because they play ... Read More »

5 Steps For a Beautiful Half Updo

This is maybe the pretties hairstyle that I’d ever seen. It is feminine, precise and beautiful. And the next great thing is the fact that it is very simple to be created. Take a look at the steps and you will see how easy it is by yourself: There is no need to spend too much time on preparing the hair ... Read More »

Great Idea For Your Ponytail

Every girl knows how to tie a ponytail. This is the simplest way to hold your hair away from your face. But the low ponytail is too ordinary for girls like us. We like the challenging techniques and designs, don’t we? Today I want to show you how to tie your hair with a beautiful splitting decoration, which looks like ... Read More »

7 Easy Steps For Texturized Ponytail

The texturized hair helps to create fluffy details of the hairstyle, which means that you will need to achieve the proper texture for this hairstyle – the fluffy ponytail. Follow the steps down below and you will find out how to create every little detail of this hairstyle, which works only for the finished, great result. Here we go: The ... Read More »

How To Flatter Brown Eyes With Neutral Colors

The good think about brown eyes (except they are beautiful) is that you can apply almost every color, known on Earth, and they will look great. Of course, you must consider the colors you put on your eyes with the skin color and the hair color, and don’t forget about the colors of the clothes and the accessories. But the ... Read More »

6 Steps For Voluminous Bouffant

You are a beautiful girl and you must create beautiful hairstyles with your hair. Down below you will find a great hairstyle, which is absolutely appropriate for the summer, simply because the hair is lifted and you will be able to wear backless clothes. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one in order to achieve ... Read More »

How To: Fluffy Rope Chignon

If your hair is long and thick, you must learn how to make beautiful braids, because the long hair looks great when it is braided into a fluffy braid. Today I will show you this great tutorial for a braided chignon. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, because the hair is lifted up and the skin of your back won’t be ... Read More »

8 Steps For Beautiful Chignon

No matter how many steps the tutorial has, there is always one Zero step, which is all about the condition of the hair, because it plays an essential role in the final result of the hairstyle. This prep-step need clean roots and proper texture of the hair for the hairstyle. In our case, the hair must be straight, which means ... Read More »

10 Steps For a Garden Party Hairstyle

The summer garden parties are great way to celebrate your freedom from school, work and responsibilities at least for a couple of hours. Such a celebration must be flattered with a good looking hairstyle, outfit and makeup. I will show you a great idea for a hairstyle, which is appropriate for a garden party, but your job is to finish the ... Read More »

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