How To: Date Night Makeup

The date-night makeup is something that you should be careful with. You have to look natural, but you must hide some flaws too. Down below you will find an idea for the perfect date-night makeup design. Take a look: As you can guess, you should start with a lid primer. You can use as a primer an oil-free concealer or ... Read More »

The Rescue Bun

This hairstyle is something like your emergency solution for every moment when your hair is out of control. Here are the situations when the hair needs rescue: The roots are too dirty, which means too dry or too oily according to your type of hair. The hair is too straight. This can lead to lack of volume and sticky hair ... Read More »

Step By Step Tutorial For Fishtail Braid

Sometimes even the most simple things require skills to be prepared in a perfect way. For instance, my sister has extremely long and thick hair and she loves messy buns. But her hair is straight and shiny and her messy buns look like she just came out of the beauty salon where the hair stylist were trying to create a ... Read More »

Double Braided Bouffant: Step by Step Tutorial

The best way to keep your head from heating too much during the summer is to wear a light colored hat. But when the hair freely touches your back and neck, you will feel like you are suffocating underneath the thick layer of your hair. A great way to have your hair off your body is to tie it into ... Read More »

Nail Art With Bright Colored Foil

If you wonder how to fulfil your time, you should try to create a beautiful nail art. You should maintain a good manicure, because people notice your hands more often than you expect. Down below you will find a great nail decoration, made with decorating foil. You will need several things – base coat, top coat, black nail polish, glue, the ... Read More »

Daring Colors For an Eye Makeup

During the summer you have more free time than you have during the rest of the year. And as you have a lot of free time, you should fulfil it with makeup practice in order to master your makeup skills. Down below you will find an idea for an interesting makeup design. Take a look: Let’s start with the eyebrows. ... Read More »

Juicy Color for Ombre Lips

You know that every season  comes with different trends for your makeup. These trends rely on the colors, in general. Today I want to show you a how to match the color of your lips with the summer mood. Take a look at the steps and you will find everything that you need for the following design: Let’s start with ... Read More »

6 Steps For a Fancy Ponytail

My hairstylist told me once that I should never cut my long hair, because I will regret my decision the minute the length is gone. I didn’t listen to her back then and now I’m truly regretting my decision, because now, I can’t stylize my hair into some of my favorite hairstyles. Such a favorite hairstyle is the ponytail with ... Read More »

The Perfect Makeup For the Summer

Some makeup designs look better when it is a certain time of the year. For instance, the summer makeup designs are more neutral, sparkly and bright. Take a look at the tutorial down below and you will see a great idea for a summer pool party makeup. The colors are neutral and the effect is stunning. You shouldn’t worry about ... Read More »

Welcome to The Curly World: 5 Easy Curls Hacks

Every girl wants the one thing that she can’t have. Let’s start with the simple things – the type of hair. The ones with straight hair want curly hair and the other, who have curly hairs, try to get straight hair locks. Today I want to talk about the first group of girls, because I am in that group and I ... Read More »

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