How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Fuller, juicy lips can be one of the most attractive features in a woman’s face. They are seductive and sexy, so it is no surprise that Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world! However, not all of us are blessed with amazing full lips. The good news is that you do not need to ... Read More »

Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Women today are placed under a lot of pressure to look good: media often creates an image of female beauty that is hard, if not impossible to achieve, since it is aided by Photoshop and tons of professional makeup. However, we all strive to look our best and end up spending a great amount of money on beauty products every ... Read More »

Using a Spoon in Your Beauty Routine – Easy & Helpful

We have told you multiple times that you can search for great products in the kitchen which could help you in your beauty routine, whether it comes to hair or skin care. However, the funniest thing is that you can also use the cutlery for your make up! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Actually, spoons can come in hand in a ... Read More »

Makeup Hacks that Every Girl Should Know

In a world where there is a plethora of makeup products, it is obvious that there are also probably hundreds of tricks you can use to enhance the effect of makeup make it easier or incorporate a certain product into an area it was not initially meant for. Often we buy certain products and do not use them the right ... Read More »

Get Huge Lashes Only With Your Mascara

There are certain tricks and tips for making your lashes long and voluminous even without the annoying need of sticking and dealing with fake lashes. Check them out: If your lashes are thin and short you can use a baby powder before you apply a single coat of mascara. Take an old mascara brush, clean it well and use it ... Read More »

Bigger Lips Tutorial

The Mother Nature doesn’t love all of us equally, that’s why some of us doesn’t have plump lips, while Angelina Jolie took our share. But we have out Beauty tricks, we have our makeup and recipes, which will show that Mother Nature that she is not fair enough to give all of the puffiness to the Angie’s lips. See how ... Read More »

Blush to Shadow – Amazing Idea

You know how in an emergency situation we can use some of our makeup products as other makeup products. For instance, you can use your mascara as eyeliner. Just use a small flat brush to get the material from the mascara brush and apply it to your lash line. Here are some great ideas for re-use your makeup products. Just take ... Read More »

How to Look Great on Selfies

Some people are addicted to social media and uploading selfies. If you are really interested in looking your best, without actually editing your pictures, take a look at these makeup  recommendations, which you can also use in your everyday beauty routine! If you are a lipstick kind of girl, do not forget to prepare your lips for it and smooth ... Read More »

Makeup Looks to Try This Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year because of the new fashion season. A lot of trends come along with it: hair, clothes, accessories, and makeup. Our skincare and makeup routines change as tan starts fading away and the cold weather makes our skin more sensitive and wanting different things from us. Redness, dark circles, and ... Read More »

The Basics of Makeup: What Not to Forget

In the age of Internet women can learn so many new things about makeup techniques, cosmetics products and useful tips that they can even get overwhelmed due to the huge amount of information. Each of us is trying to achieve the perfect look and emphasize their good sides and hide their flaws. However, we often ignore the basics of a ... Read More »

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