Dramatic Red Lips

There are moments and events that require different look. You have to escape from the casual styles and try something fancier, for instance, these dark red lips, which I would arrange if I have an art event to visit or just for some selfies with friends, for fun. There so many different artistic designs that, if you have at least some ... Read More »

Gradient Smoky Eye

Before you choose any kind of makeup for your eyes you have to analyze your eyes and the whole area around them – your face. Always choose the makeup according to your eye shape, skin color, the color of the eyes and brows+hair, and of course the whole outfit and appearance. But the most important thing is to compliment your ... Read More »

How To Layer Lip Products Like A Pro

The way your lips look is an essential part of your whole face. When your lips are chapped and sore, you look sick and unhealthy, and when your lips are in the perfect condition, your whole face looks fresher and more beautiful. I believe that every person can look amazing without the help of professionals like a hair stylist or ... Read More »

Powder Foundation OR Liquid Foundation?

Buying cosmetics is one of the undisputed pleasures in life of almost every woman and normally she is always happy when the time comes for a new purchase. However, let’s face it – finding the right type and color of the foundation is always a challenge. And if the selection of he above is easier for some women, thos is ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Tricks to Step up Your Game

Makeup can be a girl’s best friend: especially when she has skin problems of some sort and needs a temporary solution while she finds a good remedy to sold them. However, remember girls: do not hide behind eyeliners and mascaras since you do not want to surprise completely a guy, for instance, when he sees your bare face for the ... Read More »

Golden Smoky Eyes

You know that the different shapes of the eyes requires different makeup designs. You can’t just apply whatever you saw on some other girl, you have to consider your own eyes shape. Whether they are wide or narrow, more open or closed, rounder or not. First of all, define the shape and then choose the makeup that will flatter your eyes. ... Read More »

Remove Your Makeup Properly

Let’s learn how to take good care of our skin. If we want a flawless canvas for the gorgeous makeup tricks that we’ve learned, we have to know how to properly remove the makeup from the face. Let’s start with the basic steps and then we will run through the tutorial step by step. Try to create a habit of face ... Read More »

How To Make Your Makeup Look Better

Doing makeup the right way is one of the hard thing a girl needs to do on a daily basis. She has to make sure that everything stays in place, nothing is smudged, everything is applied evenly, etc. Unfortunately, there are some beauty secrets we don‘t know and we often make makeup mistakes just because we don‘t know another way ... Read More »

Makeup Ideas for the Holidays

As the winter holidays are approaching, all of us, girls, need to be prepared with amazing looks. Christmas parties and New Years Eve are a great chance to be a lot more glamorous than during the rest of the cold season. Both holidays are associated with long or embellished dresses, opulent jewelry, beautiful hairstyles and, of course, special makeup. Do ... Read More »

Look Great Without Makeup

You have to take good care of your face in order to look great even without any makeup on. Some mornings you want to sleep 15 more minutes rather than spend them for your makeup time. Or you have an irritated facial skin area and the doctor told you not to apply any kind of makeup. You should be prepared for ... Read More »

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