The Power Of The Dark Lip

I don’t when this trend started and who was the first to rock it, but today the dark lip is one of the most famous makeup looks all around the world and every woman has at least one outrageous dark lipstick in her collection that she rocks from time to time when she wants to feel like a femme fatale. ... Read More »

Tips For Party Makeup

In this holiday season there are probably a lot of parties that you would go to. And of course, for each of them you should have a different glamorous look. When you put on a party makeup there are some tips that will be useful for you. Here are they: Moisturize Before you put makeup on be sure to moisturize ... Read More »

Perfect Office Make up

Don’t let some make up stop you from getting that promotion you have been dreaming for in the last six months. You have to take it very seriously when applying your make up in the morning because you don’t want to look like you have come straight from the night club. As Beyonse sings you have to be “flawless” – ... Read More »

Eyebrows Treatment

Recently we have talked a lot about shaping and grooming eyebrows. But today I want to show you the whole procedure step by step, including some tips against the pain and some other tips for the right shape of the brows. Let’s start with the shape. You should choose it according to your face type: Oval Face Shape. Go for ... Read More »

Great Idea For a Party Makeup

Now that the holidays are really close you have to consider the whole look you want to achieve for the parties. Let’s say that for Christmas you will be at homes with your folks, but for the New Year’s eve you will be out at a club, rocking with your friends, or not just that, you will be on a vacation, ... Read More »

Colorful Makeup For a Fancy Night

Your makeup should be carefully chosen for a special night like the New Year’s Eve. First of all you have to consider your outfit and the colors of the clothes and the accessories. My advice is to choose a makeup that will play the role of an accessory. That’s how you will wear nothing but earring, but your eyes will ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Face Primer

Once you start applying makeup on a daily basis, you will realize what a great number of products there are on the market. Do not be tempted to buy everything all at once! It is best to do your research prior to visiting the drugstore and find out what you actually need and which products will suit your skin type, ... Read More »

How to Use Mascara in the Best Possible Way

Maybe the most widely-used and favorite makeup product for women is precisely mascara. It provides your look with a small enhancing detail; however, its usage can go a long way. Even if you have no other eye makeup on, your eyes look more alluring with mascara on. However, even though mascara looks like it is very easy to apply, there are ... Read More »

How to Prevent and Fix any Gel Manicure Problems

Gel manicure has become a girl’s best friend when it comes to nail care: it is more long-lasting than regular manicure, since it can stay on for weeks without chipping. However, there is no perfect beauty treatment and we are perfectly aware of it. Gel manicure, for instance, can cause long-term damage to your nails after regular use, because the ... Read More »

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