Coral Eye Makeup

Summer is still far from coming but that does not mean we have to wear only black or gray to match the colors of the season. There are various ways you can brighten up your day. You could try wearing something colorful or better yet try some new makeup. Make an experiment with yourself and see how well you will ... Read More »

All about Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is maybe one of the most iconic makeup products that have ever existed, together with red lipstick. It can be used very gently, yet achieve an astonishing effect on your appearance. It became a close friend to all women around the world with the appearance of Audrey Hepburn in the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Today, this genius ... Read More »

Which Bronzer Shade is The Right One For You?

Like mascaras, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, every woman has her own favorite color and brand that complements her skin. When you apply a color that complements your skin you feel healthier and more beautiful, of course. In other words, it is like magic. However, sometimes your makeup is not as good as other times. This is because the shade simply does ... Read More »

9 Ways to Have Sweat Proof Makeup

Our body is such a perfect organism that it even has a natural air-conditioning system. I am talking about perspiration, or in other words “sweating”. As much as we hate it, we have to sweat, this is the natural way our bodies cool down. Like every other thing in the universe, sweating has its bad side as well – it ... Read More »

Things That Only Women With Thin Lips Will Get

Not all women are blessed to have full and thick lips. And that is quite unfortunate. But it is not something to die for. The women that are one the thinner lips side, invest great time and thinking and money into having a fuller lip. And that is okay. But not everyone will get what they go through. So read ... Read More »

10 Tips For Your No-makeup Makeup Look

When you notice the makeup designs on the latest fashion shows, you will see that the no-makeup technique is becoming a big thing. I think that this trend will stay longer than we expect, but only the time will show. Let’s see what kind of  tricks will help us to achieve this amazing look: Choose the powder wisely. It is ... Read More »

Makeup Ideas For Your Job Interview

If you are in that period of your life, where you are still searching for the perfect job, I know that you are sending a lot of CVs to different companies and positions and you are feeling like the dreamed job interview for the perfect position will never come. Don’t worry, the sunny and bright day will come and then ... Read More »

Slimmer Face With Makeup Tricks

If you know exactly where to put your makeup you will be able to create the exact look you want. You will also have to master some techniques of makeup application in order to do that. Today we will talk about makeup techniques which will make your face look slimmer: Contouring and highlighting. You know that technique, I’m sure of ... Read More »

Simple Steps to Achieve Flawless Make up

We all want to wake up and look flawless. And sometimes that doesn’t happen. That is when make up comes in hand. But applying it the right way and achieving a look that is seamless is kind of a tough job. There are a few steps you can do, so that you get the look you want. That way everyone ... Read More »

Eye Make up Tips For Beginners

When you start applying make up or you have been sticking to the nude almost no make up looking routine you probably need some tips and tricks on how to elevate your game. Smudges come easy and don’t go that effortlessly. Here are some tips in the different departments that you can use on a daily basis to make your ... Read More »

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