Clever Tips to Keep Women Healthy and Fresh

Female nature is complicated: we face so many different health issues throughout our lives that we live under constant stress. Monthly periods are one of our tortures: not to include all puberty problems, pregnancy, and menopause. During our whole lives we struggle with different symptoms, born from the fact that we are women. Men cannot understand us and put themselves in our ... Read More »

Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Women today are placed under a lot of pressure to look good: media often creates an image of female beauty that is hard, if not impossible to achieve, since it is aided by Photoshop and tons of professional makeup. However, we all strive to look our best and end up spending a great amount of money on beauty products every ... Read More »

How To Treat Stinky Armpits

We often don’t admit that we have some armpit issues, and more specifically – the unpleasant odor. We try to convince you that our bodies doesn’t sweat. Well, they do! And it’s nasty, gross, stinky and unwanted. Of course, there are thousands of products out there, which are created just for this purpose – to make our armpits sweat free ... Read More »

Healthy Smoothies that Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a difficult task that most of us have encountered at least once in a while. Exercise is a great weight to be fit and achieve an amazing figure, toned muscles and less fat. However, there cannot be enough workouts to actually help you lose weight, if you do not start a special eating regime. Dieting does not ... Read More »

The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become one of the most popular plant extracts in the last few years and that is no surprise. It has various benefits in terms of health and beauty and is definitely an amazing product to own. When you are shopping for coconut oil, choose an unrefined organic one as it is the purest and healthiest choice. At ... Read More »

How To Cover Any Kind Of Acne On Your Face

Even if your face is smooth and free of acne problems, blackheads and pigmentation, there is a moment from time to time when a pimple wants to ruin your event. But we have our makeup and skills, which will cover the pimples while they disappear. Take these advices from the makeup artists and forget about those nasty skin imperfections. How ... Read More »

How to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Everyone who has tried to slim down their waist and make their belly flat and tight, knows what a hard task and huge challenge this is. Only one meal can ruin the flat stomach you have achieved with so much hunger! However, is this really the way to achieve good results? Actually, you need to be very consistent and careful ... Read More »

Your Pimples – Sign of Unhealthy Lifestyle?

We often underestimate the fact that our organism is a lot more intelligent than we think. Each part of it “communicates” with the rest of the body and signals it if something is wrong. Skin is a map showing you if something is wrong and illustrating how you are treating your body. Our face, for example, can show us its ... Read More »

The Secrets of The Perfect Figure

The key to the perfect figure of the stars lies in the their daily regime which they strictly stick to – it’s no secret to anyone. In addition, each celebrity has a whole team of fitness trainers and nutritionists who constantly monitor whether and how to eat correctly, perform the exercises and etc. One of the most popular programs among the ... Read More »

Facial Skin Pigmentation – Get Rid of It

Having a skin imperfections, such as pigmentation and dark spots, aren’t your wishes for Christmas, but after all these facts shouldn’t ruin our lives. We should find a way to treat them and to try to get rid of them, at least for improving our self esteem. There are many ways in which you can improve the appearance of your ... Read More »

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