How to Straighten Your Hair in the Fastest Way

It is not easy, especially if the hair is highly curly. Straightening the hair at the hair salon looks simple (tension brush), but if you get home? To achieve professional results, you need appropriate cosmetic products and some subtleties. You cannot do without a “smoothing” product if you want your thick and shaggy hair to look smooth and nice. Apply ... Read More »

Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

How often do we wonder what hairstyle to make? Almost always, when we stand before the mirror and the hairdresser is asking “This time, what do we do?”. Before we answer, we have to be aware of what looks good in accordance to the shape of our face. Oval Face If your face is oval, you’re lucky. There is almost ... Read More »

Natural Highlighters for Your Hair

New season – why not have a new hair color? It might sound very risky to the shy and cautious among you. Others do not want to damage their hair with hair dyes since it, after all, can dry it out or even cause split ends. Not to mention it may be pricey and time consuming to visit the salon ... Read More »

Benefits of Avocado Oil for Your Skin and Hair

With the rise of Pinterest and the great amount of beauty bloggers, vloggers and information available on the Internet as whole, natural and home remedies have become a huge trend. They are great because you save money, you get the actual nutrients directly from the sources, avoid the chemicals added to products, sold in drugstores, and in the same time, ... Read More »

Hairstyle Trends for Fall

New season, new luck! It’s time for change. Often we get slightly depressed as the weather gets colder, the sun shows itself a lot less, and the tan fades away. That is why we need something new and fresh to cheer us up, if it is in our lifestyle, the daily routine or our appearance. And what better way to ... Read More »

Great Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Even though fashion experts have been trying to inspire us with a large amount of short hairstyles (like the classic bob, for instance), most girls are still fans of long, shiny locks. Long hair is often understood as a sign of femininity and beauty, but it is also hard to maintain. Some girls complain of the slow growth of their ... Read More »

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

You would be surprised at how many mistakes you could actually make when washing your hair. It seems like a simple task, but in fact, we think so less about it, that we neglect some important aspects. Each organism has its own needs, and the same goes for our hair. The important thing to know is that hair needs to ... Read More »

Say Goodbye to The Dandruff

It’s not so hard to get rid of the dandruff on your head. It’s all about the care. You should take good care of your head skin. When it appears it’s not the best new at all, but if you notice soon and remember the tips that I’m about ot give you, you’ll have no trouble. But if your dandruff ... Read More »

Great Hair Care Tips You Can Do At Home

We all want beautiful, strong and healthy hair, but the hair care products that are sold in drugstores are full of chemicals and they not always help our hair stay as healthy as we want it to be. That’s why we often use home-made masks, conditioners and other hair treatments that aren’t filled with chemicals and other bad ingredients and ... Read More »

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