Hairstyles for Holiday Parties

As the winter holiday season approaches, our invitations to cool parties also arrive. Firms hold their Christmas banquets, friends invite you to dinner parties and, of course, the most glamorous celebration of all: New Years Eve. These events hold the great opportunity for you to dress up in all your beauty and look spectacular while snow is falling outside or temperatures ... Read More »

Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Women today are placed under a lot of pressure to look good: media often creates an image of female beauty that is hard, if not impossible to achieve, since it is aided by Photoshop and tons of professional makeup. However, we all strive to look our best and end up spending a great amount of money on beauty products every ... Read More »

How to Curl Your Hair with No Heat

Heat is one of the main sources of damage for your hair. If you are a fan of curling tongs, hair dyers and strengtheners, you need to stock up on moisturizing serums, natural oils, and heat protect sprays in order to prevent severe case of split ends. Still, even if you take careful care of your hair, you will suffer ... Read More »

Three Fantastic DIY Hair Masks

Hair masks are a must-have beauty product which we all need in our collection because of the stressful and unhealthy lives we often lead. The drugstores are full of possible miracle-workers, but the best ones often cost too much money, and we go through one package really fast. Besides, they are full of chemicals that tend to dry out your ... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Thick, strong and beautiful hair is, in my opinion, what can improve your whole appearance in seconds. You would not need too much makeup or any special outfit to look very pretty, if your locks are healthy and looking stunning! However, it is a very difficult job to style your hair and prevent any damage to it at the moment. ... Read More »

Great Hairstyles When You Are Working Out

If you follow social media thoroughly, you have noticed one of the biggest lifestyle trends which are being fit. It is not important only to be skinny now, but to workout, have a healthy diet (not to starve to death!), and look good when you are wearing your bikinis. Not to mention that there are huge health benefits for your ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

One of the coolest and trendiest beauty products on the market at the moment is dry shampoo. If you have missed this amazing item, you definitely should add it to your hair care routine. Dry shampoo is usually in a spray form in an aerosol packaging, full of a powder. It is sprayed in the greasy roots of your hair ... Read More »

Hair Color Trends For the Fall 2014

Recently we often talk about trends. What to wear and what not to wear. For good or bad women are vain creatures. We follow those fashion “rules” and we are even proud when we follow them. The fashion industry is getting richer from women’s vanity. So, everyone is happy. This year’s trend in hair colors is predictable – golden and reddish ... Read More »

Tips on How to Tease Your Hair Efficiently

Have you ever tried to achieve volume in the roots of your hair, but have no idea how to do it? The main technique to do that is by teasing your hair! As with most beauty methods, it looks easy and very basic; however, there are actually many ways it can go wrong. Damaging your hair is one of the ... Read More »

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