Do you apply your hair products the e wrong way?

Having beautiful hear is hard to achieve if you style it every day and color it and stuff like that. People nowadays (women) apply tons of products into their hair, so that they get the look they want. And that is kind of normal. But just buying products and adding them to your hair won’t do the job. Exactly like ... Read More »

Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

You always have to work hard when you want to achieve a certain goal. Let’s skip the deep stuff for a second and talk a little bit about your beauty goals. More often than you think, beauty partners with health, which means that you have to take care of your health basically and then upgrade above that base the beauty ... Read More »

How to Get a Cool Bob Haircut

A bob haircut is a short haircut for women, which is often straight around the face. It is often to the level of the jaw and sometimes with bangs. When we look at celebrities with bob haircuts they look great but when we try such haircuts it is just not as sexy. We look like moms. If you wonder what ... Read More »

How To Take Your Hair From Dark To Light

The New Year has finally come and with it it’s time to make some changes on the way we look! One of the easiest ways to transform your look for 2015 is changing the color of your hair. When it comes to color change, you can either go for something subtle and , for example, add some highlights or you ... Read More »

How to grow your hair out in 5 steps

You are tired of your old hair color and you want to have your natural color back. But you want to have hair in the process and not to shave it off. So if you want to grow out your hair but you do not want to wait, here is a plan that can help you do it much faster. ... Read More »

Girls With Thin Hair Know That All Too Well

We all know there are two types of girls in this world. The first type is the ones with thick full hair that almost everyone is jealous of. And the second half around are the girls with thin hair. Both kinds come with loads of problems and hilarious moments. But we can’t be sympathetic to a girl that has a ... Read More »

7 Tricks For Achieving Volume of Thin Hair

Below you will find a few good and tested tricks that can make your hair more lustrous and fluffy! If your hair is thin and you are constantly troubled with her lack of volume or vitality, try these quick and easy tricks: 1. Thermal water – Spray with thermal water sprayer face in the hair roots and the hair itself. ... Read More »

How to Nourish Your Hair At Home

Nourishing your hair is important since it has a key role in protecting your scalp from UV rays and the cold, but it also enhances your appearance. We firmly believe that when your hair is beautiful and healthy, you do not need too much makeup, for example, because pretty hair makes your whole look pretty. As with every element of ... Read More »

Hair Volume Saving Tips

One day you have perfect volume in your roots, but the other day it’s all gone. You start to ask questions and to doubt your techniques and beauty skills. Why is that happening? Am I doing anything wrong? How to do the right thing? And which are the right things for saving my volume at least a few days? If you ... Read More »

How to Treat Your Dyed Blonde Hair

Blond hair, don’t care: isn’t that what every girl who dyes her hair light says? There is a myth that blondes have more fun than brunettes, and even though we do not believe that, we still think that if you feel you want change, golden locks is the way to go. The good mix of applied highlights and lowlights looks ... Read More »

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