Botox in the Scalp: The New Perfect Hair Treatment?

Lately, the beauty industry has been surprising us with a plethora of weird ideas: snail extract in face cream, purple or pink hair dye to make us look like a unicorn, placenta in hair masks to make our mane stronger and thicker, or bee venom. Basically, cosmetic companies are constantly trying to come up with something that seems incredibly efficient, ... Read More »

How to Deal with Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be one of the most annoying appearance problems that is hard to deal with, especially on vacation. You are taking tons of pictures and you want to look great, with your smooth locks shining in the sun and just emphasizing your perfect tan. However, if you are headed somewhere where the weather is hot and the sea ... Read More »

Heatless Hairstyles for Healthier Hair

New season has arrived, so all of us should try and spice up our beauty routine at least a little bit. From brighter colors on our nails and in our closet, to a little less makeup and special skincare, habits should slightly alter as the temperatures go higher. We are strong supporters of the idea that healthy, beautiful hair can ... Read More »

Retro Waves with Modern Touch

Everybody want to have the one thing that he don’t posses. The same thing happens when girls choose their hairstyles. If a girl is born with flat straight hair texture, she will dream about curly hair and the other way around – if the girl has curly hair, she will try to straighten it with different odd ways. I can ... Read More »

Common Summer Hair Problems and How to Solve Them

Summer is rapidly approaching and before we know it, we will have to face all the beauty problems that come with it. Each of us have our weaknesses, whether it is our skin, our hair or our body shape, that will make us feel a little stressed during the summer season. Summer hair problems range from oily scalps to dry ... Read More »

Why Is Your Hair Dry

I just love my hair. It is frames my face and I can make a lot of different hairstyles on it, but if my hair is not healthy and strong, the hairstyles won’t look good and the hair won’t frame my face so perfectly as before. That’s why I want to talk a little bit about hairs today. And more ... Read More »

Hair Contouring According to Face Shape

You know that you can’t make just any kind of hairstyle you like on someone else. There are two factors that you must consider, before you give your instructions and wishes to the hair stylist. And here they are: The shape of your face; The color of your skin. When you analyze these factors, you will be able to choose the ... Read More »

How to Grow your Hair Very Long

Long hair is a coveted goal for many girls. However, it is a great struggle to grow it out and keep it healthy simultaneously. There are a few things that you might try in order to achieve beautiful, long locks. Still, you should remember that it will not grow overnight and you need to be persistent in your haircare routine. ... Read More »

How NOT to Style Your Hair

If you are not a professional hairdresser or a fashion expert, you might feel that nowadays everything is in style: from short bobs to long, wavy blonde waves! Are there any hairstyles that are old-fashioned at all? Can you look too retro, but in the bad sense of the word? How can you know if your look is actually “old ... Read More »

Be Careful With your Bang

The haircut is one of the most important factors of a good-looking face. If you want smooth your square face – use the proper haircut. If you want to elongate your round face – use the proper haircut for this. If you want to flatter your flawless face – use the haircut. You can do miracles with your look if ... Read More »

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