Be Careful With your Bang

Be Careful With your Bang

The haircut is one of the most important factors of a good-looking face. If you want smooth your square face – use the proper haircut. If you want to elongate your round face – use the proper haircut for this. If you want to flatter your flawless face – use the haircut. You can do miracles with your look if you work along with a good professional hair stylist. These people are true geniuses, they know all about the hairs, the way your hair will curve after the cut or how the layers will touch the chin – all of it. So, don’t be afraid and trust your hairstylist. But of course, you have to do your own research before a certain haircut that you have in your mind.

Only because human bodies are so different and unique, we can’t rely on the opinion that one’s haircut looks so great, that’s why I need to cut my hair the same way. The history shows so many disappointed women, going out of the beauty salon almost crying.

Let’s talk a little bit about one specific part of the haircut and how to decide what to do, how to do it or even do we need to do it at all – the bang. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before you go for the cut:

  • Your first job is to analyze the texture of your hair. Here are the most common options – straight and thick; straight and fine; curly and thick; curly and fine; wavy, If your hair is straight and fine, it might appear straight only because of its weight, but when your hair is shorter, like the bang area, it will be much lighter and then the natural texture of the hair will be exposed. How to define what is your natural texture? Wash your hair and let it air dry, lift it up and let the thin and short hairs at the neck area fall down. The condition of that section will show you the natural texture of your hair. So, if your hair is curly, I recommend you to skip the bang cutting, because you might not like it curly and you will be obligated to straighten your bang every day and take special cares for it. Do you have enough time do take care of your messy bang?
  • The answer of the previous question is connected with the next one – are you committed enough the style your bang all the time? The bang is similar to the brows – it frames your face, and no one likes ugly frames to wrap the gorgeous masterpiece. So, if you don’t have the patience to style your bang, just forget about the idea of cutting it.
  • Does your lifestyle allow you to wear a bang? If your activities need to have bright vision and if you are about to lift up your bang all the time in order to keep it away from your eyes, then what is the point of cutting it at the first place?

Use these guidelines to make the right decision, but after all if you just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of quitting, just do it, you won’t make a wrong decision, everything can be fixed!

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