Baklava – Oriental Temptation

Baklava – Oriental Temptation

Before trying to make this dessert you should know one thing – it is high calorie, you will eat more than it’s allowed and you will get a lot of unwanted weight and fat if you don’t control yourself. But the truth is that this Baklava is one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever tasted.

This dessert originates from Turkey and it is a typical sweet dish in the country. It takes a little more time than usual to cook it, but the result is amazing and tasty. Let see this step by step tutorial and make the sweet Baklava:

Stock up with:

For the filling

2 cups of almonds

1 cup of walnuts

1/4 cup of fine sugar

2-3 tablespoons of bread crumbs. It works like glue for the ingredients.

2 tablespoons of cinnamon

A pinch of ground cloves


For the syrup

2 cups of sugar

2 cups of water

1 cinnamon stick

1 tablespoon of lemon juice


For the cover

5 oz unsalted butter, melted

12 oz packet filo pastry


First of all we have to prepare the filling. Chop the nuts finely. Mix them with the other ingredients for the filling in a bowl. Stir until they blend.

Now pour the ingredients for the syrup in a saucepan and boil them. Stir constantly until the sugar melts. Boil them in a medium heat level for about 10 minutes and then remove from the stove and let cool down.

You will need a baking dish, which is big enough to fit the oven perfectly. Brush it with some of the melted butter. Then lay sheet by sheet of the filo as you brush every layer with the melted butter. Then spread the filling in the baking dish, onto the filo layers.

Now, cover the filling with another 10-12 sheets of the pastry and again brush each one with the butter. You can cut and remove the excess pastry.

Brush the top layer with some more butter.

Before you bake it you have to cut the pieces. Make them in large diamond shapes.

Preheat the oven up to 325F and bake the Baklava until golden top.

When ready, remove from the oven and pour the syrup all over the dish.

Let the syrup absorb for about 5-8 hours before you serve it.

After it cools down you can leave it in the fridge to rest and to absorb the syrup.

Enjoy your Oriental Baklava food experience.


Image : spline-x Fotolia

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