All Year Challenge – Embrace the Colors

All Year Challenge – Embrace the Colors

The black color is stylish and classic, but I want you to find a way to be stylish and classic in other colors. I know that your comfort zone is all in black, gray and other neutral colors, which means that you are not brave enough to experiment with the other colors – the sassy ones, the bright ones, those who can easily make you to choose the wrong combination and make you look like a clown. The trick is to picture the color combination in your mind, then put the colors in real next to one another and analyze the possibilities of the versions of these colors to look good in an outfit. Here are some tips for you, which will help you go through the rehab after you break up with your comfort zone. But remember this, if you like dark colors, wear them, you don’t have to force yourself to be someone else, it won’t match your mood, personality and aura.

First of all, you have to take the things slow. It’s like you have a new boyfriend – you rush the things, the relationship will fall apart before its beginning. The same rule applies here – start the change by making one small transformation. For instance, switch the accessories. While you wear your neutral or black clothes, apply colorful and bright accessories.  Another trick is to change the top. Keep the trousers, black and the shoes, but also change the blouse –  pick up baby pink or pastel shades of other bright colors – green, yellow, blue. Let this style be your comfort zone from now on.

The full change requires drastic measures. Which means that you shouldn’t limit the transformation only to your wardrobe, go to the beauty store as well. Match your lips with your handbag – a perfect way to create a gorgeous colorful accent to your look. Trendy colors this year for your lips are: red, plum, Marsala or burgundy. So, buy some lipstick and lip pencils in the same range of colors and learn how to apply dark colors on your lips perfectly. The main trick is to have smooth and exfoliated lip skin, to draw the lips with the pencil before the lipstick and then to lock the color with concealer around the lips. I recommend you the matte versions of the lipsticks, because they last longer and look amazing. Then go shopping for a gorgeous red handbag and  you are ready to move to the next step.

Wear colorful outwear over neutral base. For instance, green or red blazer on top of black and white basic clothes. It’s not impossible, you will see that step by step your wardrobe will be full of colorful items and you will adore them.

The last tip is a little bit challenging. Try to match an outfit that doesn’t include a single black item. Opt for bright, colors, use neutral pastel color to keep the balance and hit the sidewalks of your favorite city.

Be brave, challenge the colors, control them and shine with a joyful mood!

Image : © savcoco  Fotolia

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