A Man’s World Versus Woman’s World

A Man’s World Versus Woman’s World

I know that the whole world is trying to prove that women and men are the same and that they have equal civil and ethical rights, but when we talk about emotions, it is more than obvious that there is a slight difference between a man’s and a woman’s behavior. Let’s go through a woman’s and a man’s day and see what happens. Remember that everything I say depends on my personal experience and every single person is unique, so don’t be offended, let’s just have a little bit of fun:

Usually, when a man wakes up, he is so sleepy that there is no room for expressing feelings or moods. He just do his morning routine and heads up to work. But when a woman wakes up, the adventure begins. In just half an hour we can go through at least 3 different moods. We can find out that there is no coffee in the jar. The outfit you intended to wear is in the dirty laundry pile, your hair is an absolute mess, then you choose another outfit with is so adorable that you start to glow out of happiness and all these thoughts and feelings are running all over your body and mind for less than 10 minutes.

I just think that a woman’s memory card of feelings and moods has much bigger space than the man’s one. And also, we are more emotional and we care about the little stuff a lot more, forgetting about bigger problems sometimes. That’s why men are a lot smoother when they have to deal with stressful situations.

Don’t get me wrong, these rules don’t apply to every single woman or man in this world. As I said earlier, we are all unique, but the common characteristics for a bigger percentage among woman and man are the described above things.

And yet, using those emoticons is so true. Admit it!


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