7 Tricks For Learning New Language Easily 

7 Tricks For Learning New Language Easily 

It is highly important to know more than one language. It’s not needed only for better CV, but also for personal self-esteem that you are well competitive on the market. And it will be even better if you know at least three languages. But let’s face it, often we become lazy when it comes to learning when you are out of the studying period of your life. You are no longer a student and you have a satisfying stable job, but image that one day  you will want something more from your career and when you rush into the job searching you will be amazed by the requirements of the employers. So, here are some tricks for making your language learning much easier:

  • The sound association method. According to this method we have to search similar sounds between the language we learn and the native one. The task is to choose a work and then we have to come up with associative sentence, which include the similar native word in the translation. This method is really handy, because it makes you search logic into the similarity of the language and also trains the brain memory.

  • Sticky notes. For beginners, you can master the vocabulary by sticking the names of the objects all around your house, your parent’s house, the office, your car and wherever you go. You will see how easily you will remember all the words and when you know them, upgrade the sticky notes – add colors to the words or adjectives, maturities and so on.

  • The 25th frame method. According to the psychological theory, the 25th frame is the frame that can’t be seen with simple eye, but yet, the brain is keeping the information from it. The human brain can recognize visually only 24 changing images per second, but if you add that 25th frame in that second, you won’t see it, but it will affect you in subconscious level. This could be very useful when it comes to learning another language. In that 25th frame you can put a phrase or rule or anything you find hard to remember. It is not a certain method, but at least you will be able to analyze it personally.

  • Communicative method. The best way to learn a new language is chatting with people who know it, and it’s best to talk with a person, whose native language is the one you are willing to learn.

  • Physical reaction. This method is based on a natural learning process, which is the basic method of learning our own language as we were babies. During the first couple of lessons the student only listens to the new language, no verbal reaction needed. The student is allowed only to use gestures and sounds as his reaction to the heard sentences. That’s how the student is going through a transition when he first learns how to listen and react to the new and unknown language. The audio and video method is similar to this one.

  • Total immersion. The student has to play the role of another person at all – he has to come up with another name, story, skills, habits and so on. The whole education is taken in the new language, no translation allowed. The words and the grammar are learned during the communication, where there are no textbooks.

I hope you will find your favorite method of learning language and apply it really soon. What kind of language you want to learn?

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